Who Is Alex Fasulo? Freelance Writer Know Age Wiki Net Worth

Who Is Alex Fasulo?

Alex Fasulo is a very beautiful, popular, versatile, and talented American full-time freelance copywriter and entrepreneur. She was born in the year 1992/1991, As of 2022, She is 28 years old with around 5 feet and 5 inches tall in height. Alex has also published books in which she has shared her experience, skills, time management, techniques, etc. She is the founder and owner of @eyepopapp. She has over 50.1k followers on her Instagram account @alexandrafasulo. She also uploads videos on her TikTok account @alexfasulobiz.

After she bought the Jeep, now, she is planning to buy her first house. previously, she used to live in  New York,  but now, she already moved to Florida. Now, Fasulo and her Jeep are on the next adventure: After living in New York for six years, she just moved to Florida, where she plans to buy her first house.

Alex Fasulo’s Net Worth

Talking about Alex Fasulo‘s income and revenue, Through the online work platform “Fiverr” she has been consistently making six-figure just by writing. she generally earns $20,000+ per month. With the help of her income, she has bought a yellow Jeep Wrangler in September 2020 in cash for $50,000. For 1 e-book of around 10,000 words, She charges $1000 which is really super amazing.

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In the month of Covid-19 May 2020, Alex Fasulo earned over $36,000. In one of her interviews, She officially disclosed that she earns almost $378,000 a year. Many people are asking about her wealth and net worth, well she has not completely revealed her wealth and revenue, however, looking at her lifestyle and achievements, As of 2022, She must have a total net worth of around $500,000 USD.

Freelance Writer Know Age Wiki

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