Who is Caroline Jurie, Mrs Sri Lanka World 2019 who snatched 2020 pageant winner’s crown?

Mrs Sri Lanka World 2019 Caroline Jurie trended on social media after she snatched the crown from Mrs Sri Lanka World 2020 Pushpika De Silva and awarded it to the first runner-up during the beauty pageant.

UPDATED: April 8, 2021 14:09 IST

Mrs Sri Lanka World 2019 Caroline Jurie has been censured by social media after she created a ruckus on stage at the beauty pageant in Colombo earlier this week. After Pushpika De Silva was crowned Mrs Sri Lanka World 2020 on Sunday at the beauty pageant, Caroline Jurie snatched the crown from her and awarded it to the first runner-up. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media and the internet is rather displeased with Caroline Jurie for her act on stage.


Born in Sri Lanka’s Kandana in 1992, Caroline Jurie is a model and winner of the Mrs Sri Lanka World 2019 title. She represented Sri Lanka at the Mrs World 2020 pageant held in December 2019 at the grand finale held in Las Vegas.

She studied at the St. Sebastian Girls’ School in Kandana and also worked as a sales executive at the Virgin Mega Store in Dubai.


Caroline Jurie is on Instagram and has over 79,000 followers. She often posts pictures from her photoshoots, and of her family, on the photo-sharing app.


Caroline Jurie made headlines after she snatched Mrs Sri Lanka World 2020’s crown on stage during the beauty pageant on Sunday. Pushpika De Silva was announced as the winner of the pageant and Caroline being the reigning Mrs World, crowned Pushpika.

Seconds later, however, Caroline appeared on stage again and said that Pushpika was disqualified since she is a divorcee and only married women can hold the title of Mrs Sri Lanka.


“There is a rule that you have to be married and not divorced. So, I am taking my first steps saying that the crown goes to the first runner-up,” Caroline said as she snatched the crown from Pushpika’s head and presented it to the first runner-up. Thoroughly embarrassed, Pushpika walked away from the stage.

The incident caused severe outrage on social media with netizens criticising Caroline Jurie. Pushpika also wrote a lengthy post in which she said that she suffered head injuries after the crown was snatched from her, and added that she is “not a divorced woman.”

After her Facebook post, Chandimal Jayasinghe, the national director of Mrs Sri Lanka World, told the BBC that the crown was returned to Mrs De Silva on Tuesday.



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