Who Was Bruno Falcon? Choreographer Of Michael Jackson’s Hit Moves

Who is Bruno Falcon? Did you know that he choreographed the lean dance and is a friend of Michael Jackson? If not, this article will give you the scoop on this dance legend. Also, learn about the hip-hop dance that he pioneered. This article is packed with interesting facts about Bruno Falcon! So read on to learn more. We hope you enjoy it. We have listed a few of his notable achievements in this article. Read Bruno Falcon’s wiki, age and death cause.

Bruno Falcon


Who Was Bruno Falcon? Death

It is unknown what caused the death of dancer Bruno Falcon, who was born in 1964. Although his death is considered suspicious, he was believed to have suffered from an illness. There is no official word on what caused his death, but his passing has shocked his fans and colleagues Falcon was a social butterfly with a curious mind. He even taught signature moves to MJ. His death has left an emptiness that is difficult to fill.

Hip hop legend Bruno “Pop N Taco” Falcon passed away Saturday. The hip-hop choreographer, renowned for his lean dances and work with Michael Jackson, died of natural causes. Although the exact cause of death is still unknown, his sister suggests that it was a heart attack. Regardless of the exact cause, it was certainly a shock. Rapper Ice-T shared the news on Twitter.

He was a friend of Michael Jackson

Before becoming famous in his own right, Bruno Falcon was an important figure in the world of dance and music. He was an American dancer who specialized in hip-hop dance and was a friend of the legendary king of pop. Falcon, who was born on June 10 in Los Angeles, worked with several of Michael Jackson’s friends, including Janet Jackson and La Toya. He has also appeared in movies and is currently working on a new street dance extravaganza for House of Blues.

Bruno Falcon Career

Before becoming an actor, Falcon was a dancer. He first made his acting debut in the 1983 film Breakin’, directed by Bob Rafelson, where he played break dancer Electro Rock 1. Falcon also appeared in the 1984 music video for Chaka Khan’s “I Feel For You.”

Bruno Falcon was a dancer, actor, and choreographer who rose to fame in the 1980s. He was one of the first hip-hop artists of Mexican heritage and gained worldwide fame as a choreographer. His dance moves earned him the nickname “Pop N Taco.” In the 1984 cult film ‘Breakin’, he starred alongside Michael Jackson. His death was unofficial, but many people are left wondering what happened to him.

Bruno Falcon was born on December 8, 1964. Although his life was dedicated to dancing, he also appeared in movies such as Moonwalker and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. While he died at the young age of 38, the family remained low-key in his absence. His dancing career started at an early age, and by the time of his death, he had performed in more than 100 shows and competitions.

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