Why Should Women Not Be Doing Comedy, Asks Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’s Kamna Pathak

Actress Kamna Pathak opens up on transitioning from theatre to TV, getting her big break in 'Happu Ki Ultan Paltan' and working with actors of different age groups in her hit comedy show.

As is the case with many stars doing hit TV shows, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’s Kamna Pathak too is better known to her fans as Rajesh aka Rajjo. The catchphrase ‘Radhe Radhe Bol Rahe’ has also become quite popular and her social media profile is flooded with it whenever she posts a character or on set picture. More than a sign of blurring reel and real life identities, in industry terms, it is a mark of success and positive feedback for the show, the makers and most of all the artist.

In a candid interaction, Kamna shares it all, right from her foray into acting as a theater performer to featuring in reality shows and now becoming a recognisable face in comedy.

Kamna’s theater background

I started acting when I was 5-6 years old. I featured in reputed plays and started earning by the time I was 15. I also won an acting reality show, which was based on the principle of mentor and pupil.

On the stage, the performance has to be larger-than-life. But the camera captures even the small nuances. One can practically learn it on the job. Also, the feedback in cinema comes a little later while on stage, the audience reaction is out there. I certainly miss the stage and live audience but sometimes I feel that our show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan is like a play. We improvise a lot on the set and unlike saas-bahu soaps, we are doing different stories weekly in which we are constantly taking up new characters and reinventing ourselves.

On creating her own space in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

My plus point is the command over the Bundelkhandi language. I know it very well. In scenes with Happu (Yogesh Tripathi), there is a constant give and take and my fluency helps me a lot in maintaining the flow of comedy. I am constantly learning from Himani ji (Himani Shivpuri). She is very supportive. I never felt the difference of seniority. The atmosphere on set is very friendly. I like Himani ji’s expressions a lot and I keep praising her in our scenes together.

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On working with Yogesh Tripathi

He is delightful to work with. He makes us laugh a lot. He is a bundle of energy. Whenever Yogesh ji comes on set, things are stirred up. There are often scenes that require me to beat up Happu. Sometimes, by accident, Yogesh ji actually gets hurt but he never complains about it. He encourages me to work with a free mind and despite minor injuries, he never compromises on the scenes. On collaborating with child actors

When you become a child with them, things get easier. If you behave like an adult around them, they tend to get shy. We do a lot of pranks on set. I cycle around with them, share food and play badminton to gel. All these things make them forget the age difference. Zara (Warsi) teaches me how to dance. Aryan (Prajapati) plays guitar and he shows me often. They even correct me whenever I go wrong in a scene. Our connection is great.

On actresses doing comedy

Why should women not be doing comedy? I see Jamie Lever. When she does mimicry or enacts a scene, I enjoy it. I like Seema Pahwa’s comedy a lot. Things are not limited to gender anymore. I am artist and exploring new things is my job.

On image trap

I don’t have any such fear when playing the character of Rajesh. I was once asked whether I was afraid of playing a mother to nine children in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and I said no. This is my role and doing justice to it is my duty.

The real life Kamna

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50 per cent of Rajesh is Kamna. I am headstrong like her. But I am a bit reserved. I have an inclination towards music and singing. This aspect of my personality is also in Rajesh as I keep singing folk songs during scenes. But I certainly don’t shout like Rajesh. I tend to be calm and quiet. I keep learning dialects, languages and folk songs.

On fans’ reaction

I had the fear initially that Happu Singh is known to the world but how will people accept Rajesh? I never thought the way I speak or my tonality would get famous. The feedback at events and live shows is very positive. I also enjoy reading comments on social media.

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