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Will peeing after sex lessen one’s possibilities getting pregnant?

There are such countless misguided judgments with respect to pregnancy and origination that for couples attempting to imagine, the rules and regulations around sex could seem confounding. Specialists, in any case, recommend that as opposed to going by what others say, one ought to constantly look for proficient direction. One such thought is that the possibilities getting pregnant lessen assuming that the lady pees after sex as it is accepted that the pee would flush out semen. Is this valid?

Dr Vijaya Sherbet, advisor (obstetrics and gynecology) at Manipal Clinic in Hebbal, Bengaluru, says that semen contains sperm, which are little cells undetectable to the unaided eye.

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“Pheromones made by the lady’s body draw in sperm cells, which move freely (helped by their tail) once saved. The white fluid that leaves her body after sex is the vehicle that ships the sperm,” portrays Dr Sherbet, underlining that peeing or washing the region after sex doesn’t forestall pregnancy.

Dr Sneha Sathe, fruitfulness expert at Nova IVF Ripeness, Mumbai, agrees and expresses that there is no proof to propose that peeing after sex anily affects the probability of pregnancy. “Truth be told, peeing after sex can have medical advantages,” says Dr Sathe.

To comprehend the reason why, we should have a fast life structures example.

Pee goes from the bladder through the urethra to leave the body. The female urethra is generally short, just around 1.5cm long and the urethral opening (meatus) is arranged between the clitoris and vagina and is in nearness to the rear-end. This expands the gamble that destructive microbes might advance into your urethra during sexual action, prompting UTI (urinary plot disease). “Peeing after sex can assist with washing ceaselessly any microorganisms from the urethra, in this way decreasing the gamble of creating UTI,” says Dr Sathe.

Yet, is this actually OK assuming you’re attempting to imagine? Indeed, totally alright, Dr Sathe stresses.

Peeing after sex doesn’t diminish one’s possibilities getting pregnant. Dr Sathe further makes sense of that it is essential to grasp that albeit the urethra and vagina are found near one another, they are independent organs. “The urethra is answerable for shipping pee out of the body, while the vagina is where the semen is discharged during sex. You could see that when you rise up to go pass pee after sex, some original liquid could spill out. This is typical. Despite the fact that some semen (containing sperm) streams out of the vagina, there is still sufficient left to treat the egg,” Dr Sathe told

The primary concern is, peeing after sex will not affect your possibilities considering be that as it may, truth be told, it can act as a preventive measure against UTI, the possibilities contracting which increment after sex.

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