With 101 million early votes, US on track to see highest voter turnout in 100 years

More than 101.2 million American voters have cast their ballots either by mail or face to face even before polls opened on the US polling day , shattering previous early voting records and putting the country on target for its highest vote in over a century.

Experts predict that a record 160 million total votes are going to be cast during this years’ presidential election between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, the ny Times reported.

According to the US Elections Project, which compiles data on early voting and mail-in ballot returns across the country, voters have already cast about 73 per cent of the entire votes counted during the previous election cycle in 2016.

The us is predicted to surpass 150 million voters, or 67 per cent of the eligible voting population, this election, which might be the very best turnout of eligible voters during a presidential election since 1908. The last time the turnout breached 65 per cent was when Republican William Howard Taft defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan, with 65.7 per cent of the country’s voters participating.

The huge rise in early voting, both by mail and in-person, largely owes to the continued coronavirus pandemic, with many voters worried about the security of traditional polling day operations. aside from the devastating impact of Covid-19 within the country, the rise in vote also has got to do with several other issues that have upended the lives of usa citizens like the struggling economy and concerns about racial inequality.

“The early vote is also signaling that unaffiliated voters are going to be participating at higher rates than 2016. I should add that these voters aren’t an equivalent as self-identified independents in polls. they’re people that don’t tend to choose party primaries,” University of Florida professor Michael P. McDonald wrote during a post shared on the US Election Project’s website.

According to McDonald, who runs the project, these voters tend to be younger and are more often people of colour.

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“These infrequent voters are precisely the kinds of people you’d expect to ascertain engaged if there’ll be a high turnout election. Their larger presence within the electorate could make a big contribution to the election outcome, beyond the straightforward partisan differences I’m discussing here to form my election forecasts,” he added.

Most political analysts and polls suggest that Republicans are more likely to cast their ballot on polling day , while Democrats prefer to vote early. The question now’s whether Republicans are going to be ready to gain grounds, particularly in key battle ground states, by exposure in overwhelming numbers on election day .

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