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Workout routine to prepare your body for the winter season

Following and maintaining a workout plan can be challenging for some. And you will probably agree when we say that it becomes even more difficult when your body is exposed to cold temperatures. “The cold weather puts increased stress on our cardiovascular system, which causes our blood vessels to constrict resulting in shallow breathing, muscle pains, joint aches, and other nasty ailments because cold muscles are more likely to be strained or injured,” said Abhinav Mahajan, a fitness coach, and lifestyle influencer.

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As such, a well-formulated winter workout routine is a great way to prepare your body for the cold weather and also combat winter fatigue and keep up with your fitness game all season long without straining your body.

Morning workout

Mornings are generally recommended to be the best time to work out, regardless of the season. So, it is no different in winter, as a morning workout routine helps wake up the body and regulate the circadian rhythm that influences important bodily functions like hormone release, eating habits, digestion, and body temperature.

Warm up

To ensure strains and injuries are strictly kept at bay, warm-ups are particularly crucial during the winter season. Although most warm-ups include a hefty amount of stretching exercises, for winters it is important that your warm-up routine has exercises that will get your blood moving, loosen your joints, and warm up your muscles and tissues. Some recommended exercises are arm circles, arm swings, high steps, and lunges.


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Even the slightest body movements feel like a drag during winters. However, there’s never a good enough reason to skip a nice and power-packed workout and there has never been an exercise session that left a person in low spirits. During the winter season, walking and running are usually two of the most common workout activities as they don’t really require much in terms of extra gear or infrastructure, and also engage the entire body in the workout giving you maximum benefit.

Sunlight exposure

Come winters and we encounter elevated levels of lethargy, unproductivity, and sluggishness. As such, drastic drop in our moods is only natural. But worry not, you are not alone. There’s a well justified scientific reason behind this. The winter season brings with it shorter days, longer nights, and reduced exposure to sunlight affecting the body’s circadian rhythm. With limited exposure to sun, the melatonin aka sleep hormone production in our body shoots up resulting in us feeling more groggy and tired than usual. The easiest way to combat this is to try and spend as much time as possible out in the sun and make sure your body receives its daily dose of vitamin D.

Lastly, for the successful completion of any task, it is most important that you plan ahead and prepare yourself. Similarly, when planning a winter workout, plan in advance as per the weather conditions and your requirements in order to maintain consistency. Planning in advance gives you an edge as you have everything ready when you wake up — gear, gym bag or anything else.

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Hence, a properly formulated winter workout routine helps you achieve your goals in a manner that is both practical and feasible while helping you inch closer towards the type of lifestyle you aspire.

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