‘You’ll stand alone, but you’ve got to stand strong’: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, an actor who won widespread acclaim for his many roles, especially as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, celebrates his 59th birthday today. He was recently in the midst of a defamation trial with ex-wide Amber Heard.

On this occasion, we revisit a speech previously made by him. Depp doles out motivational thoughts, saying that succeeding in life is difficult and it often comes with trials and hardships. “You’ll stand alone but you’ve got to stand strong.”

“Embrace that responsibility and run with it,” he says. He stresses on the importance of standing alone and standing strong.

The journey of life is difficult and he asks that people do not to give up to mediocrity. “You’re all too smart you’re too smart to let it go to waste,” he says.

Sharing a personal anecdote from his childhood, he says: “Someone had invaded my space, invaded my being. I was doing something against me that I didn’t want to be done, so I took control of the situation and I ran with it and I promised myself that I would continue to move forward and do my best not to compromise in any way whatsoever.”

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