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52.3°Ca Sensor Error, Rain Expected in 2-3 days

Delhi temperature

Day after day, Delhi’s temperature is reaching new peaks. The capital is recording new highest temperatures and heatwaves every day. On 29th May, according to the IMD, Delhi recorded 52.3°C, the highest temperature ever. However, it was a sensor error or local factor, as it was an outlier in Mungeshpur. The IMD is analysing the data and sensors to check the accuracy of the temperature recorded.

The much-needed relief from heat waves is expected in 2-3 days due to rain and calmer winds. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), a change in weather, likely rain, is expected in a few days. The light shower in Delhi-NCR gave temporary relief, but it was still a challenge to tolerate the heat waves.

IMD stated in a release, “It has rained at many places in Delhi in the afternoon, resulting in further temperature fall. Heatwave conditions will reduce during the next 2 – 3 days due to gradual fall in temperature in association with approaching western disturbance, rainfall/thunderstorm and south-westerly wind blowing from the Arabian Sea to northwest India”.

People living in the capital eagerly await relief, but no sign of rain exists. The monsoon season starts in July in Delhi, recording temperatures between 26.6°Cto 33.7°C. The maximum temperature in Delhi varied between 45.2°C to 49.1°C until now in the season.

Delhi temperature

Delhi Temperature Next 15 Days

Delhi’s temperature in the next 15 days will decrease and increase. The heatwaves will continue for 2-3 days, but then rain is anticipated and will be mostly cloudy. However, after the relief from the little shower, the weather will again rise.

In the next 15 days, the temperature can reach 44°C, and the lowest can be 30°C. Apart from the light rain, the weather is said to be sunny.

The highest temperature recorded in India was 51°C in Phalodi, Rajasthan, on 19th May 2016. The lowest temperature recorded in India was -45°C in Dras, Union Territory of Ladakh, in January 1995.


Delhi weather forecast

The weather in New Delhi for 10 days will likely decrease the temperature as it is expected to rain in a few days. As per the official statement released by IMD, there will be rain in the capital for 2-3 days. Thunderstorms, rainfall and south-westerly winds blowing from the Arabian Sea to northwest India will decrease Delhi’s temperature.



Is Delhi’s temperature 52 degrees?

The India Meteorological Department clarified 52°C as an “error in sensor or local factor”.  The highest temperature varied from 45.2°C to 49.1°C.

How many chances of rain today in Delhi?

There is a 0% chance of rain today in Delhi. The highest temperature can reach 47°C with a humidity of 23%.

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