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Nutritionist Says No To These 5 “Healthy Foods”. Here’s Why

Incorporating a healthy and nutritious diet into your daily routine helps to keep diseases at bay. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), a nutritious diet includes a combination of food items like legumes (beans and lentils), leafy vegetables and fruits, cereals (barley, rice, wheat, maize, or rye), and animal protein (eggs, meat, milk, and fish). But sometimes the food that we consider healthy might not always reap the desired results. According to nutritionist Simrun Chopra, there are five kinds of so-called “healthy” foods, that she advises not to avoid eating. “I will list them and why I personally do not eat them,” she wrote on Instagram, before explaining the items in detail in the caption.

5 Healthy Foods You May Avoid Eating:

1. Energy bars/Energy balls

Simrun Chopra claimed that these energy bars usually contain over 100 calories, and are “high in sugar”. According to her, when she feels “low on energy”, the health enthusiast tries to know the reason behind it and solve the issue. Simrun believes that replacing energy bars with a “banana or apple” would do justice to her calorie and sugar intake.

2. Smoothie Bowls:

This is the “new fad” that Simrun Chopra disapproves of since it contains almost 700 calories. “And many can have high levels of sugar content,” she warned. Instead, she urged everyone to consult with a nutritionist for a recipe that suited their calorie intake. If followed thoroughly, it could also lead to weight loss, she claimed.

3. Granola:

Once again, Simrun Chopra highlighted the high calories and sugar in granola. “Most nutrients also come from the milk added,” she revealed. Instead, she disclosed that a homemade “cereal mix” was a better option. A drizzle of honey or some fruit toppings in a bowl of milk should help with the sweetness instead of adding sugar. However, considering that granola might be a favourite snack for many, Simran suggests opting for a low-calorie granola recipe.

4. Diet food:

Simrun Chopra is not a fan of diet food, or “anything labeled for weight loss”, and is meant for women only. Calling these types of food “pure marketing gimmicks” she pointed out that they are no different than other calorie-rich food, creating an “illusion” that if an individual consumes diet food, they can have it in large quantities.

5. Chikki:

Simrun Chopra said no to another popular snack, chikki, as she found the dish to be “too high in sugar”. Only a bite would be enough for her. Her replacement? An amaranth bar.

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