Archeologists uncover 2,000-year-old cosmetics items. Pics

In an uncommon removal embraced in the old Roman city of Aizanoi situated in Turkey’s Kutahya, archeologists have uncovered a mother lode of verifiable beauty care products and gems tracing all the way back to almost 2,000 years.

The unearthings, led in a joint effort with the Kutahya Governorate and Dumlupinar College, were completed in the east of the Sanctuary of Zeus as told by Teacher Gokhan Coskun, the top of the Paleontology Division at the college, to Anadolu Organization (AA).

The archeologists found leftovers of a beauty care products and gem retailer as they arrived at 2,000-year-old shops at a commercial center in the old city during unearthings. What they found was a variety of items including aroma bottles, adornments pieces and cosmetics.

“We figured out that the shop sold scent, gems and cosmetics items,” Coskun said, while adding that they found many aroma bottles, bits of adornments and cosmetics. They additionally found blushes and eyeshadows.

Aizanoi’s revelations likewise give a knowledge into the interesting stockpiling practices of the period. Coskun featured that old Romans put away their blushes and eyeshadows in shellfish shells, a case supported by the presence of endless clam shells found at the site.

“We realize that old Romans put away their eyeshadows and blushes in shellfish shells and we found various clam shells in the shops we were doing unearthings in,” Coskun said.

The archeologists found cosmetics results of 10 unique tones and a scope of hair frill too.

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