Arhaan Khan Discusses Relationships With Arbaaz, Sohail: “Everything Comes With An Expiry”

Sohail and Arbaaz spoke about the importance of ending a relationship amicably when the excitement fades away

Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan recently appeared on the first episode of the new web show Dumb Biryani, hosted by Arbaaz’s son, Arhaan, and his friends. During the episode, the Khan brothers talked about love and relationships. Sohail and Arbaaz talked about the importance of ending a relationship amicably when the excitement fades away. Sohail Khan compared relationships to other things that have expiration dates, like medicine or food, stating that it’s okay to move on when the spark is gone. Sohail also opened up about the importance of communication after breakups.

Sohail Khan said, “We get pressured into relationships, about what’s going to happen to the other person or yourself. There’s a whole world out there. Till when it lasts, and till when you’re happy together, keep the relationship going, don’t make it sour. Because that’s when negative feelings about the other person come into you.”

He added, “Everything comes with an expiry. You buy medicine, you buy chocolate, you call for food. When you lose excitement in a relationship, amicably move on. Communication is the best thing.”

Arbaaz, on the other hand, stressed the importance of “giving” in a relationship rather than just “receiving”. He said that many people enter relationships expecting to receive without considering what they can contribute. Arbaaz also warned against depending on partners for happiness and advised ending relationships involving deception.

He said, “The most important time to get into a relationship is when you’re willing to give rather than receive. Most people get into relationships wanting to receive. And they forget about what they bring to the table, what they have to offer. Until and unless you’re getting into a relationship to give, there’s no reason why you should be getting into a relationship. If you’re only going to be the recipient, it’s not going to work for the other person beyond a point of time.”

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