Arijit Singh spotted going out, fans keep thinking about whether the two have fixed up after 2014 fight. Observe

After a fight of north of nine years, Salman Khan appears to have at long last fixed up with vocalist Arijit Singh. On Wednesday night, the artist was spotted going out in Mumbai. As a virtual entertainment client shared the video, fans began guessing that the two have let bygones be bygones and would before long work once more.

“Arijit singh #SalmanKhan bhai k ghar se bahaar aaraha kya baat h😵,” the fan posted the video on X last evening. That set the ball moving for fans to consider what precisely prompted the ceasefire. A portion of the remarks on the post read, “Ye to gajab ho gaya,” “Saal ka sab se bada blockbuster scene toh ye nikla😱🥵🔥,” and “Goodness, pata nahi kaise dosti ho gayi.” A couple likewise contemplated whether they met to team up on Salman Khan’s forthcoming film Tiger 3 or his next film with Karan Johar.

Things between Salman Khan and Arijit Singh’s gone bad during an honor capability in 2014. Arijit Singh stepped on the stage to get the honor, dressed rather nonchalantly and in a chappal, looking drained. The Bollywood bhaijaan, who was facilitating the show, jokingly inquired, “So gaye the (Were you resting)?” To this, the vocalist shot back, “Aap logon ne sula diya (All of you put me to bed)”. Salman answered that it’s not their problem for assuming tunes like “Tum greetings ho” continues to play, individuals would nod off. Following the occurrence, Arijit’s melodies were purportedly eliminated from Salman Khan’s movies including Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Kick and Ruler.

In 2016, Arijit even put out an open acknowledgment to the star, mentioning him to hold his rendition of the tune in Ruler. He additionally referenced how he’d attempted to apologize on numerous occasions to him yet without much of any result.

“Dear Mr Salman Khan, This is the last way I figured I would address you. I have been attempting to message you call you and do all that could be within reach to let you know that you are mixed up about the way that I offended you. I won’t ever do. That evening in the show, It was some unacceptable time and wrong atmosphere. All things considered, you felt offended. What’s more, I got it and I really regretted it as all of us have been your fan for a really long time. I attempted to make sense of so often yet you never got it. I was sorry yet you never got it. How often I sent you statement of regret messages you additionally know. At Nita Ji’s place, I just returned to apologize to you yet you didn’t get it,” the items in the letter read,” he had posted on Facebook, just to bring it down later.

The reality of the situation will surface eventually on the off chance that Arijit Singh will at last get a Salman Khan tune in his library.

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