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Eat Like A Hyderabadi: 5 Traditional Nizami Breakfast Options You Must Try

Hyderabadi cuisine has made a mark on the world food map with its flavours, aroma, and uniqueness. Beyond the much-popular biryani, the food culture sees a beautiful blend of Mughlai, Turkish, and Arabic influences, transforming each dish into a wonderful experience. And we feel those who yearn to savour the traditional Hyderabadi breakfast, they must travel to the old city to enjoy some of the most authentic delicacies available. From Shah Gous to Cafe Bahar, Hotel Shadab, and more, the old city houses a list of eateries, offering the traditional Nizami breakfast from five in the morning. And guess what, people throng these places, especially during the weekends, to experience a one-of-a-kind breakfast spread.

Here’re 5 Nizami Breakfast Foods That You Must Try In Hyderabad:

1. Paaya:

It is a soup made with goat or lamb trotters. Originating in Central Asia, the dish was later introduced in India by the Muslim community. The Hyderabadi Paaya is quite different from the one that’s popular in Delhi or Uttar Pradesh. How, you ask? The use of Hyderabadi ‘potli masala’ lends fresh flavour to the dish. Paaya is typically consumed with naan and rotis.

2. Hyderabadi Khichdi:

Also called masala khichdi, it is much different from the classic khichdi available across India. This khichdi is prepared with rice and masoor dal, and the grains are not sticky or wet. Masala khichdi is usually served with khatta- a tangy chutney, made with tomato, garlic and chilli.

3. Kheema:

Masala khichdi is also enjoyed with kheema. Usually prepared with ground beef or lamb, it is cooked in refined oil, with sliced onion, ginger-garlic paste, a pool of whole spices, garam masala and chopped methi leaves. Usually, kheema is paired with khatta and masala khichdi for a wholesome breakfast.

4. Bheja Fry:

Bheja means brain. Bheja fry is made from goat or lamb brain and served along with parathas and paaya for a quintessential Nizami breakfast. This dish is delicate and super easy to make. You need to fry the bheja and toss it with tomato, onion, coriander and a range of spices. That’s it!

5. Irani Chai:

Finally, end your meal with a hot cup of Irani chai. It is tea, made with milk, sugar and spices and has a thicker texture than usual. Irani chai is paired with melt-in-mouth Osmania biscuits for a wholesome experience.

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