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England Cricket Great Removes Watch, Wears Plastic Ring Before Going To London, After Calling It “Disgrace”

Former England cricket team captain Kevin Pietersen¬†shared a gruesome video from London. He expressed concern after a man was stabbed in a broad daylight attack on a train in London. The incident took place between Shortlands and Beckenham on a train heading to Victoria. The local police launched an appeal for witnesses to come forward after the victim was reported to have “serious injuries”.

Taking to social media platform X, Pietersen reshared a video of the same incident, labelling London as “a disgrace of a place”.

“WTAF is this now in London?!?!?! London was once the most amazing city. It’s an absolute disgrace of a place. You cannot wear a watch of any value. You cannot walk around with your phone in your hand. Women get their bags and jewellery ripped off them. Cars get smashed in for a quick smash and grab.
There’s this rubbing in the video below. @SadiqKhan must be really proud of what he’s created?!” he wrote.

Sadiq Khan is the Mayor of London. Now, in a fresh post, Pietersen has taken another aim at him. In a post on X, Pietersen said he removed his weeding ring and put on a plastic ring before going to London.

“Gotta go into London today. NO WATCH and a plastic ring! Congrats, @SadiqKhan !” he wrote.

Former England captain Kevin Pietersen on Tuesday said fitness freak Virat Kohli has turned his teammates into “out and out athletes” and called him the man responsible for an incredible turnaround in Indian cricket.

Pietersen told Star Sports, “One of the things that everyone will remember and will create the greatest memories as a player will be him finishing innings and being one the greatest finishers of all time. ”

“One of the things that he has done for Indian cricket is he has turned Indian cricketers into athletes, out and out athletes, and while doing so, he’s not just talked the talk. He has walked the walk, and you can see that.”

Speaking about his commitment to his team, Pietersen added, “When he is running between the wickets, his full commitment, energy and desire is to be the best and he is the best. That starts before the field, that starts with diet, the energy he puts in the gym, with the sacrifices that he has made to walk the walk because when you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.

“That’s what all the other players who have played under you are following you, watch you. The turnaround in Indian cricket is because of what he has done.” South African legend and Kohli’s former RCB teammate AB de Villiers too is in awe of the Indian batting mainstay.

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