Kangana Ranaut Sets Ravana Likeness Ablaze, Turns out to be First Lady To Do As such

New Delhi: Entertainer Kangana Ranaut set burning Ravana’s likeness at Delhi’s celebrated Lav Kush Ramlila at the Red Stronghold on Tuesday, turning into the primary lady to do as such in the 50-year history of the occasion.
Kangana Ranaut set the model of the devil lord on fire by shooting a bolt and recited ‘Jai Shri Smash’.

Scores of individuals, including countless ladies, had accumulated at the scene to get a brief look at the entertainer.

“In the 50-year history of the occasion held every year at the Red Stronghold, this is whenever that a lady first has set the Ravana likeness ablaze,” said Arjun Singh, leader of Lav Kush Ramlila Council of Delhi.

At the occasion, Kangana Ranaut likewise advanced her film “Tejas”, which is set to deliver on October 27.

She said the film depends on the existence of Indian troopers and their intense life.

“This film will show how our Indian troopers safeguard us and don’t think prior to forfeiting their lives,” she said.

Composed and coordinated by Sarvesh Mewara, “Tejas” highlights Ranaut in the job of an Indian Aviation based armed forces pilot.

The film was recently planned to deliver in films on October 20.

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