Kannada Bigg Boss competitor Varthur Santosh captured over Tiger hook memento

In Short
Varthur Santosh was captured from the Bigg Boss house by timberland authorities.
The capture comes he was seen wearing a tiger paw memento on the show.
A cross examination is being done.

Hopeful Varthur Santosh was captured by the woods office for wearing a tiger paw memento. Ownership of tiger nails is illegal. One can’t sell or buy tiger paws. He was seen wearing the memento during the show. A FIR was documented in light of this, which drove the backwoods authorities to his capture.

The backwoods division arrived at Bigg Boss house late last night (October 22) and requested that the authorities bring the chain outside from the contender to direct an assessment. After the assessment, the authorities affirmed that they were real tiger hooks. They then requested the coordinators from Bigg Boss to surrender the challenger to them.

fter a couple of hours, Varthur Santosh left the Bigg Boss house and was captured by the timberland division.

Delegate Conservator of Woodland Ravindra Kumar, addressing India Today, said, “It was a public protest after he was seen wearing tiger hooks. After the protest, we went to review it in Bigg Boss studio close to Komaghatta and mentioned the specialists to handover the memento. After dithering for quite a while, they consented to hand it over to us.”

He further added, “I reviewed the brilliant pendant through legitimate technique so we could see whether it was a veritable tiger hook. We further educated the Bigg Boss specialists to create him before us. I asked him about it and he said that he got it in Hosur quite a while back. After he concurred before the camera, we captured him at around 8:30 pm. This is an infringement of the Natural life Security Act 1972. Tigers are viewed as a profoundly imperiled animal groups. It draws in a greatest discipline of three to seven years of discipline.”

He is under the care of the woodland range office of Kaggalipura.

Varthur Santosh rose to distinction by raising the Hallikar variety of steers. Famously known as Hallikar Odeya, he is the director of Hallikar Dairy cattle Breed or All India Hallikar Breed Preservation Board of trustees.

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