Mona Kizz Suicide Video In Dubai Porta Potty Viral Video

Recent headlines are filled with the name Karungi Monic. Do you know who was she, as far as we know, recently she committed suicide after jumping from the AI Fahad Hotel In Dubai this Sunday. After the research, we came to know that she killed herself just because she was part of the Dubai Portta Potty incident. Yes, now you must have understood she is the one who went viral in the video.

Mona Kizz Suicide Video

Mona Kizz Suicide Video

Monic is also recognised as one of the famous social media influencers. She has passed away after jumping off a high skyscraper. Unfortunately, she is no more with us. After her death news came out to the public, and many netizens have started to pay her tribute on the web and on social media sites. She used to be followed by plenty of people.

Let’s explore more about herself, many netizens know her as Mona Kizz, that is why they are searching for who was Mona Kizz? She was a Ugandan Model. Now she is the headline of the news because the Mona Kiss death video has gone viral on the web. At the time of her death, Mona Kizz was 24 years old. As per the exclusive report, she has jumped from the Dubai, United Aram Emirates tower.

Who Was Mona Kizz Death Cause: Viral Video

Mona Kizz’s death cause is not clear yet, many people are making assumptions about her death cause but no one knows accurate. We are trying to find out more info related to her, as soon as we come to know new facts about her we will let you know on the same page. Mona Kizz’s death video is circulating on the web and on social.

Netizens are sharing it, in the video, we can see her falling from the hotel. The video is pretty horrible to watch. Some are claiming that she was depressed and having some mental pressure which is why she decided to do this. Being an influencer, she was pretty active on the web. People are visiting her social media handles, and they want to see her last updates.

We express our deepest condolence to her family and relatives and may her soul rest in peace. There is not much to say about her personal life. Her death is a big loss to her family and followers. For more viral updates keep visiting this site we will be right back with more fresh content.

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