Shikhar Dhawan: A Cricketer’s Journey Through Turmoil and Triumph

Shikhar Dhawan wife's name is Aesha Mukerji, whom he has divorced on the grounds of cruelty. The decision, delivered by Family Court Judge Harish Kumar in Delhi.

In a recent turn of events, an Indian cricketer has been granted a divorce from his estranged wife. Shikhar Dhawan wife’s name is Aesha Mukerji, whom he has divorced on the grounds of cruelty. The decision, delivered by Family Court Judge Harish Kumar in Delhi, brings to light a deeply personal and challenging chapter in the life of one of India’s most celebrated cricketing talents.

Shikhar Dhawan, known for his explosive batting style and distinctive mustache, has been a prominent figure in Indian cricket for many years. The news of his divorce has captured public attention, shedding light on the personal struggles faced by even the most successful public figures.

Shikhar Dhawan and Aesha Mukerji’s Troubled Marriage

As per the statements made by the court, one thing is clear, Shikhar Dhawan marriage was indeed a troubled one. The divorce, granted on the basis of allegations of mental cruelty, paints a complex picture of their relationship. According to the court’s decision, Aesha Mukerji subjected Dhawan to mental agony and cruelty, compelling him to live separately from his only son for an extended period.

Shikhar Dhawan Children

People often assume how is Dhawan’s daughters are so big, seeing the cricketer’s age. That’s because Shikhar Dhawan wife age is 10 years more than him. Initially, Aesha had expressed her intent to live with Dhawan in India, but her commitment to her previous husband and their two daughters in Australia prevented her from doing so. This predicament led to Dhawan living a life of “long-distance marriage” and separation from his son.

Shikhar_Dhawan with his Wife
Shikhar Dhawan with his Wife

The court also acknowledged Dhawan’s claims that Aesha had coerced him into making her the owner of a significant portion of properties in Australia that he had purchased with his own funds. Aesha’s failure to contest these allegations further strengthened Dhawan’s case.

Allegations of Defamation and Financial Struggles

Another contentious aspect of their troubled marriage involved Aesha’s alleged sending of defamatory messages to various cricketing authorities, IPL team owners, and fellow cricketers. Aesha contended that these messages were sent to ensure the timely receipt of her monthly maintenance payments, which Dhawan was allegedly delaying.

However, the court dismissed her claim, affirming that the messages were indeed defamatory and intended to pressurize, defame, and humiliate Dhawan.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Aesha insisted on receiving a substantial monthly payment for her daughters’ expenses and school fees. Apparently, financial favors for Shikhar Dhawan kids had reportedly increased over time, causing further strains in their relationship.

The Future for Shikhar Dhawan

While the court granted divorce to Shikhar Dhawan, it refrained from making a decision on the permanent custody of their son. Instead, it granted Dhawan visitation rights, allowing him to meet his son for an appropriate duration in India and Australia and enabling video calls between the two.

The court’s order also suggests that, given Dhawan’s stature as an international cricketer and the pride he brings to the nation, he should approach the Union Government of India to seek assistance in establishing regular visitation or custody arrangements for his son in Australia.

Shikhar Dhawan Net Worth & Journey Ahead

As an accomplished cricketer, Dhawan has been an essential part of the Indian cricket team and is known for his remarkable performances in international and domestic cricket. Shikhar Dhawan IPL 2023 price was INR 8.25 crores, which adds to his net worth, which is believed to be around INR 125 crores.

Since Shikhar Dhawan news is all over the internet, fans are manifesting for the cricketer to have a good time ahead. As he moves forward, Dhawan’s resilience and determination will be crucial, both in his professional cricketing career and in managing the complexities of his personal life. His on-field performances will be closely watched by fans, and his ability to stay focused and deliver outstanding results will be a testament to his strength of character.


In conclusion, Shikhar Dhawan divorce may be a chapter in his life filled with turmoil, but it’s essential to remember that he is not just a cricketer but also a father. It is surely a rough time for the Shikhar Dhawan family. As he continues to excel in the sport he loves, we hope he finds the support and balance he needs to navigate the complexities of his personal life while maintaining his status as one of India’s most cherished cricketing heroes.

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