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Virat Kohli Explains 2-Month Break Abroad As Wife Anushka Sharma Gave Birth To Their Son

Away from cricket, Virat Kohli spent some quality time with his family as his wife Anushka Sharma gave birth to the couple’s second child, son Akaay. Virat decided to give the entire 5-match Test series against England a miss to be with his wife, a decision that remained in debate among fans the entire series. As Kohli resumed his cricketing duties, joining the Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) squad, he admitted that it was a surreal experience to spend some time away from the game, with his family.

It was rumoured that Anushka and Virat were in England during the former’s pregnancy with the second child. After his match-winning 77 against Punjab Kings on Monday, Kohli confirmed that he was outside the country for a couple of months.

“We were not in the country. We were in a place where people were not recognising us. Just time together as a family, just to feel normal for two months – for me, my family – it was a surreal experience. Of course having two kids, things become totally different from a family perspective. Just the ability to be together, the connections you make with your older child.

“Couldn’t have been more grateful to God for the opportunity to spend time with the family. It’s an amazing experience to just be another person on the road and not be recognised. That’s the promise I can give here – I’ll keep turning up and keep trying me best,” said Kohli.

During the post-match chat, Kohli also spoke about his future in the shortest format, lodging a sharp attack at those who have been debating his place in the forthcoming T20 World Cup.

“I know my name is now attached to just promoting the game in different parts of the world when it comes to T20 cricket. I’ve still got it I guess,” he said with a cheeky smile.

“I don’t play for these Caps anymore. That’s the promise I can give here — I’ll keep turning up and keep trying me best.” He was a trifle disappointed that he couldn’t finish the game.

“I try to give the team a blazing start, but if wickets fall, you have to assess. Wasn’t the usual flat pitch. Disappointed I couldn’t finish the game. The ball was in the slot but sliced it to deep point.” He has started hitting the lofted cover drive and it is his constant endeavour to evolve as a batter.

“They know I play the cover drive well, so they’re not going to allow me to hit gaps. You have to come up with a game plan here and there.” For the RCB fans, he still is and will remain the ‘King’.

“It’s been going on for years (love story with the fans at Chinnaswamy). People talk about a lot of other things when you play sport — achievement, stats, numbers.”

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