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Adani Share Price Surges by 6.93%: A Comprehensive Analysis of Adani Shares

Adani Share Price: In the dynamic world of stock markets, the Adani Group has been making headlines with its notable performance.

Adani Share Price: In the dynamic world of stock markets, the Adani Group has been making headlines with its notable performance. Today, on December 4, 2023, Adani Power’s stock price experienced a significant surge, closing at ₹470.7 per share, reflecting an impressive hike of 6.93%. Investors are advised to closely monitor the stock in the coming days and weeks to gauge its reaction to recent developments.

Adani Power Share Price Movement:

Adani Power opened at ₹436.25 and closed at ₹431.3 on the previous trading day. The intraday high touched ₹454.7, while the low was ₹435.45. The current market capitalization of Adani Power stands at ₹169,782.45 crore. The stock’s 52-week high and low are ₹470.9 and ₹132.55, respectively. The BSE volume for Adani Power on the latest trading day was 813,937 shares.

Today’s Price Range (hike % in Adani share prices):

Adani Power’s stock showcased a day range with a low of ₹464.05 and a high of ₹495, underlining the volatility and active trading in the stock.

Adani Power’s Recent Performance:

The closing price of ₹470.7 represents a 6.93% increase from the previous day’s closing at ₹440.2. This positive movement suggests a notable uptrend, possibly fueled by positive market sentiment and increased investor confidence in the company.

Adani Share

Key Metrics:

The percent change is reported at 6.93%, with a net change of 30.5. This reflects a substantial increase in value and indicates a positive market response to Adani Power. However, prudent investors are reminded to consider broader market trends and the company’s performance before making investment decisions.

Adani Enterprises Share Price Today:

While our focus is primarily on Adani Power, it’s essential to glance at the broader Adani Enterprises, which encapsulates various businesses under the Adani Group. The latest data on Adani Enterprises is not provided in the current information, but monitoring this conglomerate is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of the group’s overall performance.

Adani Green Share Price:

The information available does not specifically address Adani Green’s share price movement. However, given the interconnected nature of Adani Group companies, positive movements in Adani Power and Adani Enterprises might have a cascading effect on Adani Green.


In conclusion, the recent surge of 6.93% in Adani share prices underscores the dynamic nature of the stock market and investor sentiment. However, it is paramount for investors to conduct thorough research, considering various factors such as market trends, overall company performance, and related Adani Group stocks like Adani Enterprises and Adani Green.

The stock market is inherently volatile, and prices can fluctuate rapidly. Therefore, staying informed and vigilant is crucial for making informed investment decisions. As we observe Adani Limited‘s share price today, these periodic updates provide valuable insights for investors navigating the ever-changing landscape of the stock market.

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