Kolkata Global Film Celebration 2023: Mamata Banerjee And Salman Khan Dance At The Occasion

The Kolkata Global Film Celebration 2023 was opened up by a large group of stars including whiz Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha, Sonakshi Sinha and others from media outlets. Brand Diplomat for West Bengal, Sourav Ganguly was additionally present at the initial function. The feature of the night was the second when Boss Pastor Mamata Banerjee, egged on by Salman Khan and Mahesh Bhatt hurried up with the signature tune of the film celebration sung by Arijit Singh being played. It was Salman Khan who welcomed the Central Clergyman to go along with him in a couple of steps.

Salman Khan valued the straightforwardness of Mamata Banerjee’s home in Kalighat, which he had visited a couple of months prior. “Her home is really more modest than mine. Furthermore, I’m desirous of the way that how might someone in this position have a house which is more modest than mine. Presently I don’t want for a more modest house, however she has given me a major complex. That main shows how basic her kin are and we needn’t bother with that much,” Salman Khan said during his location, prompting an acclaim.

In a sharp difference from his peers, Salman Khan and his folks live in two pads in Cosmic system Lofts at Bandstand at Bandra (West), Mumbai. Salman Khan lives in a humble 1 Room Kitchen-Lobby (BHK) loft on the ground floor of Universe Condos, regardless of being a particularly immense star. Salman Khan’s one BHK house has an “L” formed residing cum-lounge area. Salman Khan’s room is a 170 to 190 sq ft room that is overwhelmed by the bed and the little level has only one washroom. The family anyway possesses an immense farmhouse in Panvel on the edges of Mumbai in Raigad region.

Mamata Banerjee likewise keeps on residing in her unassuming home at Kalighat in Kolkata. Subsequent to becoming Boss Pastor, she moved into no authority home. Her own living quarters are very straightforward and basic.

Entertainer Shatrughan Sinha who is a Trinamool Congress Individual from Parliament from Asansol likewise talked at the occasion. Sinha expressed gratitude toward Mamata Banerjee for bringing individuals from the entertainment world into legislative issues. “Mamata Didi has brought stars, entertainers into legislative issues. Caps off to her. Individuals say you are in workmanship and culture, you are in film, for what reason would you say you are going there? What will you escape governmental issues? Today isn’t the day of legislative issues however I need to say, share a basic citation. Great individuals should approach from any field and come into legislative issues. I have likewise come due to this citation as it were. In the event that great individuals are not able to go into legislative issues, they ought to be fit to be represented by the terrible individuals,” MP Shatrughan Sinha said depicting Mamata Banerjee as an iron woman with a delicate heart. Sonakshi Sinha likewise repeated that feeling by saying, “Mamata Didi, I have watched you on television and you look extreme and solid, yet you are really we exceptionally sweet and exceptionally decent.”

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