Television Entertainer Kills Man, Harms 3 In Battle About Eucalyptus Trees In UP

A famous TV entertainer has been captured after he supposedly started shooting at his neighbors, killing one and harming three others, during a contention over cutting eucalyptus trees at Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh.
As per reports, Bhupinder Singh, who has featured in famous Television programs, for example, ‘Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam’ and ‘Madhubala’, was setting up a wall close to his homestead in Bijnor. Close to his homestead is the horticultural land having a place with Gurdeep Singh. The quarrel started after Bhupinder chose to get some eucalyptus trees slice to set up the wall.

The contention swelled into a battle, and Bhupinder and three of his partners went after Gurdeep Singh’s relatives. During the conflict, Bhupinder started shooting with his authorized pistol. The terminating killed Gurdeep Singh’s 22-year-old child Govind and left him, his child Amrik and spouse Beero Bai harmed. The three are right now under treatment.

Bhupinder has been captured under the charges of homicide, endeavor to kill and deliberately causing hurt, among others. He has likewise been charged under the Arms Act.

Three of his partners – Gyan Singh, Jeevan Singh and Gurjant Singh – have additionally been captured.

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