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Where is Kate Middleton: Social media goes wild with conspiracy theories after Princess of Wales spotted shopping

After days of radio silence on the public absence of Catherine, Princess of Wales, UK tabloids had pictures of the “missing” royal out and about on a shopping trip splashed across their front pages. Ardent royal watchers triumphantly declared that the visuals quashed the rumors about Kate Middleton’s health and whereabouts. But most social media users had none of it, and declared that the smiling woman laden with shopping bags in the photograph was “not Kate”.

The image of a beaming Kate Middleton accompanying her husband, Prince William, on a grocery run may have been intended to put a stop to the explosion of speculation over her health and disappearance from the public eye. Instead, it further fanned the wild conspiracy theories that have been doing the rounds for weeks now.


The Sun posted photos and video of Kate Middleton “spotted” at her favorite farm shop in Windsor over the weekend. This was her first public outing after abdominal surgery in January. Citing onlookers, the tabloid stated that the Duchess of Cambridge appeared “happy, relaxed, and healthy” next to her husband.

“(via @TheSun ) Kate laughing and joking with William on their shopping trip. She’s recovering well. This should end many of the conspiracy theories,” said Piers Morgan, a famous British broadcaster and royal insider.


However, eagle-eyed viewers flagged several issues with the shots of the royal couple. Some called out the graininess of the photos and video taken by a seemingly innocuous bystander.

“Piers, they used a Nokia N95 precisely to record these shots. That’s super normal these days with all the 4K and HD cameras on literally every phone in the market,” X user Alejandro Suárez Basso pointed out.

“All the technology today, and that’s the best photo they can get, same as when people photograph a UFO or Bigfoot, I’m not buying it (sic),” said another.

Others alleged something more sinister was afoot – that the woman snapped was not the real Kate Middleton but a body double. Social media sleuths claimed that the woman in the photo “looked nothing like” the Princess, pointing out that the ears and cheekbones were different.

A few also questioned whether the man beside her was Prince William. “I’m not entirely convinced that’s William either (the hair at the back of the cap is a giveaway),” posted one X user.


Accusations flew that the Palace either staged the photo op of William and Kate or hired impersonators to cover up some issue in their personal lives. Significantly, the Royal couple’s smiley, convivial photo came against the backdrop of a rumored affair between William and Sarah Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

Some lost no time in poking fun at the royal mess that keeps getting messier and the damage control attempts that seem to be making matters worse.

The mystery surrounding Kate Middleton has grown from a niche royal watcher concern to an international punchline. Several unusual details—poor-quality photos, an altered image, vague medical information, irregular updates from the British royal family—have kept the public guessing. As the palace intrigue deepens, a “major announcement” by the British royal family is awaited.

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