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The secret of Finland being the Happiest Country in the world

For the seventh time consecutively, Finland was announced as the happiest country in the world by the World Happiness Report. The country encourages the positive wellbeing of the people, inspiring them to be a responsible citizen. In a report hosted by Semafor, the ambassador applauded the trust in institutions, low stress level, and the beautiful nature of the country.

As said by John Helliwell, a founding editor of the World Happiness Report, the people of Finland are raised to act prosocially. Furthermore, the life-work balance and Finland weather highly contribute to the happiness of the citizens.

Where is Finland located in Europe?

Finland is situated in the northern region of the Europe. It appears to form a northern border between western and eastern Europe, which is Sweden and Russia.

How is the Finland weather?

The Finland temperature is severely climate. The majority part of the country is covered by thick woodlands, making it densely forested. In the southern and central Finland, summer is warm and mild, while the winters turn out to be cold and long. The northern part of the country is covered with the blanket of snow for approximately 90 days.

What Finland is famous for? 

Finland might not be the first choice for as a tourist destination. However, there are plenty of attractions in the country for which it is famous. Also, known as “land of a thousand lakes”, there are over 1,80,000 lakes in the country. The spectacular aurora borealis and the midnight sun attracts people for a serene time.

You can also do several outdoor activists like skiing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, etc. Moreover, the amazing architecture, including both wooden as well as modern structures, will leave you stunned.

How is Finland the Happiest Country? 

The factor like hectic work-life, stress level, poor climate, no sense of helping are a few contributors for any unhappy citizen. However, the people of Finland are equipped with good deeds from early age. They are raised to be a dependable person, who has a sense of community and acts rationally.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Better Life Index, the 5,647,800 citizens of the Finland surpass the average country in education, healthy environment, social connections, work-life balance, safety and life satisfaction.

As Finland tops the World Happiness Report, the other countries following it are Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Australia, making them the top 10 countries.


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