“Would Be In-Real If…”: Rahul Dravid On World Cup Semi-last Against New Zealand

India lead trainer Rahul Dravid has no faltering in conceding that his side’s Reality Cup semi-last against New Zealand on Wednesday would be a high-pressure game and there are just no ensures even after a close to faultless execution in the nine association games. “I would be in-legitimate assuming I express that there will be no tension of semi-last. You have no assurances to dominate any match of cricket. What you can do is set up all that can be expected and we’ve been doing that,”

ravid told Star Sports after India’s 160-run prevail upon the Netherlands. It currently comes down to two great matches and everything could come to a nothing assuming that India lose to a group that had caused them pain in 2019.

“While it’s going great it looks great. One misfortune and everybody says you know nothing,” Dravid answered shamelessly when told about how the telecasters were dissecting his exhibition in the association games.

Dravid was especially content with how Shreyas Iyer has been showing consistency at the back-finish of the competition.

“Shreyas Iyer is the foundation of our center request, and we as a whole skill intense it has been for us to see as a decent No. 4 player throughout the previous 10 years,” Dravid said.

Rohit’s men finished off the association standings with 18 places and face fourth-put side New Zealand on November 15 in Mumbai in the primary semi-last.

“Exceptionally satisfied at how we’ve played in these nine games. Exceptionally clinical from game one to now,” he added.

The best part of India’s mission has been an all out group execution where every one of the eleven players have done their piece eventually or the other.

“Various people have moved forward and put their hand up and finished the work. Everybody needed to assume the liability.

“We began the competition four games straight pursuing, and afterward we needed to bat first and the pacers finished the work alongside the spinners.” Rohit said his side never looked excessively far and took each game in turn.

“Since we began the competition, everything unquestionably revolved around each game in turn. We never needed to look excessively far ahead. It is a long competition, 11 games on the whole on the off chance that we go as far as possible,” he said.

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