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5 Tips To Create A Mindful Eating Environment

Nowadays, people are becoming picky about the food they choose to consume. That being said, there is a rise in the popularity of the term “mindful choices” or “mindful eating,” to promote better lifestyle choices. The concept of mindfulness stems from Zen Buddhism, which preaches self-calming and changing eating behaviours. Mindful eating focuses on your body-related eating experiences with heightened awareness and feelings about food. The ultimate goal of mindful eating is to promote a more enjoyable meal and understand eating patterns. If you are someone who is looking for tips to incorporate this practice into your lifestyle, then fret not. We have combined a list of 5 tips to help you create a mindful eating environment!

Here Are 5 Tips To Create A Mindful Eating Environment

1. Declutter And Organise

The first step to creating a mindful eating environment is by decluttering and organising. As per multiple pieces of research, cluttered surroundings can lead to unhealthy dietary choices and emotional eating. As per a study published in July 2023 in the journal Food Quality and Preference, it was revealed that people residing in messy rooms were most likely to make unhealthy choices as compared to those living in tidy spaces. To practice mindful eating, dedicate time to declutter and organise your kitchen and pantry to ensure easy access to healthy ingredients like fruits, whole grains and vegetables.

2. Practice Calmness with Sensory Elements

Do you feel relaxed and calm when you switch your environment from urban to rural? Soothing sounds, smells and sights can contribute to a mindful eating dining experience. As per a research study published in 2019 in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, exposure to pictures of natural scenes during food intake led to increased mindful dietary choices as compared to people viewing urban scenes or under controlled conditions. In your eating space, try incorporating natural elements like calming artwork, natural sounds, and plants to calm your chi and practice mindful eating.

3. Create Mindful Moments

Did you know visual cues can impact our perception and satiety of food? According to a research study published in June 2023 in the Iranian Journal of Public Health, it was concluded that manipulating food containers could prove to be an effective and simple approach to controlling your hunger. Enhance your eating experience by using colourful plates and arranging food aesthetically to promote mindful eating.

4. Use Mindful Tableware

The tableware you use to eat food can influence your eating experience heavily. Instead of using your old tableware, opt for heavier cutlery which, as per an article published in the Flavour Journal in July 2015, can help you feel full faster. This in turn promotes mindful eating. Also, consider using smaller plates and bowls for mindful portion control.

5. Enjoy Food Slowly

Mindful eating can only be achieved if you slow down and appreciate the nuances of food that you’re eating. Appreciate the flavours, textures, and aromas of every bite you take. Create a designated space in your home just to eat food. Put your digital distractions away and focus on the present moment. Practice chewing your food 32 times, engage your senses and enjoy the experience.

Remember, mindful eating is a process. Embrace it, be kind to your body and enjoy this delicious journey!

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