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Goldy Brar is Still Alive; find all the Updates about Notorious Gangster

Goldy Brar News Update: The recent incident of shooting, which resulted in the claimed death of gangster Goldy Brar in California, US, has triggered worldwide confusion across various social media platforms. It was been speculated that he is dead, but United States police and reports have confirmed that the notorious gangster is still alive, and it is just a baseless rumour.

Who is Goldy Brar?

Goldy Brar age 29 years also known as Satinderjeet Singh is born on 11th March. He was born in Punjab, India. He is wanted by Indian police because of the murder of Moosewala. He has been on the run since the murder allegations. He reached Canada on a student visa, and he has been running from the government since 2022. The government has charged him with the case of murder, trafficking, and smuggling of drugs.

People have been trolling Goldy Brar Instagram for such a long time. Goldy Brar family members are devastated after he is on the run. His family still lives in Adesh Nagar Punjab and his father is a cop himself. Goldy Brar net worth is 5000 CR INR but most of his bank accounts are blocked due to his illegal activities.

Initially, Lawrence Bishnoi was allegedly charged with the murder of Moosewala, but Goldy televised his confession that he was the one who killed Sidhu Moosewala, and he has been on the run as well.

People have often speculated that Goldy Brar is Khalistani, but it is not valid. Although he is associated with the banned Khalistani group Bhabar Khalsa International. He has been under many terrorist acts such as murder, bombing, drug smuggling etc. Police have charged him with many acts. But he is mostly trending for the murder of famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala.


Is Goldy Brar still alive?

Yes, Goldy Brar is indeed still alive, it was a baseless, false rumour that he was killed in a recent shooting incident but US police had confirmed that he is not dead.

Where is Goldy Brar?

Goldy Brar has been on the run since his murder allegations of famous singer Sidhu Moosewala. last time he was in California.

Who is the real brother of Lawrence Bishnoi?

Anmol Bishnoi is the real brother of Lawrence Bishnoi.


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