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Hathras Stampede: 121 killed and 23 injured at Satsang

A stampede in Hathras has shaken the country, where 121 people died in a “Satsang”. It was held at Phulrai village near Mandi of Sikandrarau in Hathras. The devotees gathered there to listen to the preaching of Narayan Saakar Hari, alias ‘Bhole Baba’.

The stampede occurred around 3:30 PM when ‘Bhole Baba’ was leaving the venue. According to the reports, the devotees got suffocated, and their bodies piled up on one another. The accurate reason behind this tragedy is still being investigated.

The police did a search operation at Ram Kutir Charitable Trust in Mainpuri district but could not find ‘Bhole Baba’ there. An FIR was filed at the police station against the organisers, but ‘Bhole Baba’ was not named in the FIR.

Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, has asked for speedy relief work. He also ordered for a thorough investigation to know if the incident was an accident or a conspiracy.

 Hathras Stampede News

The hathras stampede at Ram Kutir Charitable Trust in Mainpuri district was caused by a heart-wrenching tragedy that happened in recent years. 121 people were reported dead, and 23 are being treated for a serious condition. Most of the victims were children and women.

The hathras stampede reason is said to be suffocation due to overcrowding. The UP chief secretary said after the satsang, the devotees ran behind the vehicle of ‘Bhole Baba’. Additionally, a few people bent to collect the soil from the ground and fell. However, a thorough investigation is being carried out.

 Hathras stampede Baba name.

The stampede occurred in a ‘Satsang’ that was organised by ‘Bhole Baba’, also known as Narayan Saakar Hari. He was a former UP police staffer in the Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) for 18 years and voluntarily retired in 1990 to spread spirituality. He has a vast group of followers, mostly in the lower middle class and poor in the Etah-Kasganj and Braj area.


What was the reason behind Hathras Stampede?

The reason behind the Hathras stampede is said to be suffocation. However, the investigation is still ongoing to search for the

How many people died in Hathras Stampede?

121 devotees died because of suffocation at a religious gathering in the Hathras. And 28 people were injured in the tragedy.

Who is Bhole Baba?

Bhole Baba alias Narayan Saakar Hari is a self-claimed godman who has a devotee group in the lower middle class and poor sector.

Where is Bhole Baba now?

The current location of ‘Bhole Baba’ is unknown after the Satsang tragedy. Earlier, he was at Ram Kutir Charitable Trust in the Mainpuri district.

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