Israel Armed force Cases It Found Hamas Rocket-Production Lab Inside Gaza Mosque, Offers Video

The Israel Protection Powers have guaranteed that they found a Hamas rocket-production lab, weapons, and a passage entrance inside a mosque in Gaza City’s Zeitoun area. They likewise shared a video that showed Israeli fighters heading into the storm cellar of a to some extent obliterated mosque and revealing a base purportedly utilized by the Hamas agents. Various sorts of mortars, warhead rockets, thermobaric weapons, and hazardous materials, were tracked down in an underground room. A whiteboard that highlighted plans to utilize the rockets and follow the ways of Israeli airstrikes was likewise found.
”Heavenly spots, like mosques, ought not be utilized as fronts for psychological warfare. Hamas involved this mosque as a weapons storage space and a research facility for Hamas’ rockets. Tracking down many mortars, warhead rockets, thermobaric weapons, RPGs, and a passage shaft. What was once a position of love is currently a permanent place to stay for psychological warfare,” the inscription of the video read, shared on X.

”I maintain that you should figure out: A mosque, in the Zeitoun region, was being utilized as a lab for making weapons. Troops enter the mosque, do sweeps, and ensure there are no snares. They head inside this mosque and find a passage shaft… and a flight of stairs,” The Hours of Israel cited IDF Representative Back Adm. Daniel Hagari.

Last week, Israel distributed a video of what it depicted as a passage dug by Palestinian agents under the Gaza Strip’s greatest medical clinic. ”The passage entrance contains different guard components, for example, an impact resistant entryway and a terminating opening, in an endeavor by Hamas to impede Israeli powers from entering,” the IDF said in a proclamation regarding the clinic burrow.

While recognizing that it has an organization of many kilometers of mystery passages, shelters and access shafts all through the Palestinian territory, Hamas has rejected that these are situated in non military personnel foundation like clinics.

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