“Profoundly Upset”: US After Indian Understudy Cut, Put In a coma

Washington: The US has communicated lament over the assault on an Indian understudy, who is in basic condition in the wake of being gone after in Indiana.
Indian understudy Varun Raj Pucha was cut at an exercise center in Indiana.

The US State Office has additionally wished full recuperation to Varun and said that it concedes to nearby policing any inquiries concerning this continuous case.

“We are profoundly upset by reports of a fierce assault against Indian alumni understudy Varun Raj Pucha. We wish him a full recuperation from his wounds. We concede to nearby policing any inquiries regarding this continuous case,” US State Division representative told ANI.

Varun Raj Pucha, an Indian understudy, and a local of Telangana was cut in the head at an exercise center in Indiana and is as of now in a coma at a medical clinic.

The charged has been captured by the police and further examination is in progress.

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