Secret Underground City Underneath Gaza, With Fortifications, Stockpiling, Booby Traps

Jerusalem/London: What lies on pause for Israeli ground troops in Gaza, security sources say, is a Hamas burrow network many kilometers long and up to 80 meters down, depicted by one liberated prisoner as “a cobweb’s” and by one master as the “Viet Cong times 10”.
The Palestinian Islamist bunch has various types of passages running underneath the sandy 360-sq-km waterfront strip and its lines – including assault, pirating, stockpiling and functional tunnels, Western and Center East sources acquainted with the matter said.

The US accepts Israel’s exceptional powers will confront a phenomenal test engaging Hamas assailants while attempting to try not to kill prisoners held subterranean, a U.S. official said.

U.S. Guard Secretary Lloyd Austin noticed that Iraq’s nine-extended fight to retake the city of Mosul from Islamic State could demonstrate to have been simpler than whatever anticipates the Israelis – prone to be “a ton of IEDs (ad libbed hazardous gadgets), a ton of booby traps, and a truly crushing action”.

Israeli security sources say Israels weighty aeronautical bombardments have made little harm the passage foundation
Israeli security sources say Israel’s weighty flying bombardments have made little harm the passage framework

Despite the fact that Israel has put vigorously in burrow identification – including a sensor-prepared underground boundary it called an “iron wall” – Hamas is as yet remembered to have working passages to the rest of the world.

After the last round of threats in 2021, Hamas’ forerunner in Gaza, Yehya Al-Sinwar, said: “They began saying they annihilated 100kms of Hamas burrows. I’m telling you, the passages we have in the Gaza Strip surpass 500kms. Regardless of whether their story is valid, they just obliterated 20% of the passages.”

Prisoner WITNESS

There has been no authentication of the remark by Sinwar, who is believed to conceal underground in front of a normal Israeli ground hostile.

Yet, the gauge of many kilometers is generally acknowledged by security experts, despite the fact that the barricaded beach front strip is just 40km (25 miles) in length.

With Israel in full control of Gaza’s air and ocean access and 59km of its 72km land borders – with Egypt 13km toward the south – burrows give one of only a handful of exceptional ways for Hamas to get weapons, hardware and individuals.

While it and other Palestinian gatherings are cryptic about their organizations, as of late delivered Israeli prisoner, 85-year-old Yocheved Lifshitz, said: “It seemed to be a cobweb’s, many, many passages,” adding: “We strolled kilometers under the ground.”

An Israeli warrior keeps watch close to an entry to what the Israeli military say is a cross-line assault burrow dug from Gaza to Israel
An Israeli officer keeps monitor close to an entry to what the Israeli military say is a cross-line assault burrow dug from Gaza to Israel

Hamas accepts that with Israel’s mind-boggling elevated and shielded military predominance, burrows are a method for cutting a portion of those benefits by compelling Israel’s warriors to move underground in squeezed spaces the Hamas contenders know well.

An Israeli military representative said on Thursday: “I won’t expand on the quantity of kilometers of passages yet it is a big number, worked under schools and neighborhoods.”

Encouraging the Unified Countries Security Gathering to mediate, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has required a quick discontinuance of “hostility” on Gaza and pushes toward “a political arrangement rather than military and security arrangements”.


Israeli security sources say Israel’s weighty elevated bombardments have made little harm the passage foundation with Hamas maritime commandos ready to send off a seaborne assault focusing on beach front networks close to Gaza this week.

“In spite of the fact that we have been going after greatly for quite a long time, the (Hamas) authority is essentially unblemished, just like the capacity to order and control, the capacity even to attempt to send off counter assaults,” said Amir Avivi, a previous brigadier general whose senior situations in the Israeli military included representative leader of the Gaza division, entrusted with handling burrows.

“There is an entire city all over Gaza under with profundities of 40-50 meters. There are fortifications and central command and capacity and obviously they are associated with in excess of 1,000 rocket sending off positions.”

Different sources assessed profundities of up to 80 meters.

One Western security source said: “They run for a significant distance. They are made of cement and all around made. Consider the Viet Cong times 10. They have had years and heaps of cash with which to work with.”

Another security source, from one of Israel’s adjoining nations, said Hamas’ passages from Egypt stay dynamic.

“The store network is as yet flawless nowadays. The organization engaged with working with co-appointment are a few Egyptian military officials. It is hazy on the off chance that there is information on this by the Egyptian armed force,” he said.

Few smaller, profound, pirating burrows were all the while working as of not long ago among Egypt and Gaza, as per two security sources and a dealer in the Egyptian city of El Arish, however they had eased back to a close end since the Israel-Hamas war began.

Egyptian authorities didn’t quickly answer a solicitation for input. On Wednesday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said while assessing military units in Suez that the military’s job was to get Egyptian boundaries.


Hamas was made in Gaza in 1987 and is remembered to have started digging burrows during the 1990s, when Israel allowed Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Freedom Association some level of self-rule in Gaza.

The passage network is a key motivation behind why Hamas is more grounded in Gaza than in the Israeli-involved West Bank, where Israel’s settlements, army installations and observing gadgets make it harder to get anything in from Jordan.

Burrowing became simpler in 2005 when Israel hauled its fighters and pioneers out of Gaza, and when Hamas won power in a 2006 political race.

Without further ado a short time later Hamas’ tactical wing, the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Detachments, caught Gilad Shalit and killed two other Israeli troopers subsequent to tunneling 600 meters to strike the Kerem Shalom base on the Gaza line.

After a year Hamas sent off a tactical negative mark against Arafat’s powers in Gaza utilizing burrow mounted assaults.

Albeit the tactical passages stayed beyond reach to outside eyes, during that time Gaza bootleggers would flaunt their hardly hidden business burrows under the Rafah line.

These were around three feet (one meter) wide and utilized winch engines to pull products along the sandy passage floors in emptied out petroleum barrels.

One Rafah burrow administrator, Abu Qusay, said a half-mile burrow required three to a half year to dig and could return benefits of up to $100,000 per day. The most beneficial thing was projectiles, purchased for $1 each in Egypt and getting more than $6 in Gaza. Kalashnikov rifles, he said, cost $800 in Egypt and sold for two times that.

In 2007 the tactical wing is remembered to have brought its leader Mohammed Deif into Gaza through a passage from Egypt. Deif was the genius behind Hamas’ dangerous Oct. 7 assault into Israel, which killed 1,400 individuals and prisoners were taken.


Teacher Joel Roskin, a geomorphologist and geologist with Israel’s Bar-Ilan College said it was challenging to plan the passage network precisely from the surface or space, adding exceptionally characterized data was fundamental for 3D planning and symbolism perception.

Among the first class units entrusted with going underground is Yahalom, expert commandos from Israel’s Battle Designing Corps known as the “weasels”, who work in finding, clearing and annihilating the passages.

Recently Israeli State head Benjamin Netanyahu visited Yahalom contenders, telling them: “I depend on you, individuals of Israel depend on you.”

Israeli sources expressed out loud whatever looks for them is considerable and they confronted an adversary that has refocused and gained from past Israeli activities in 2014 and 2021.

“There will be a ton of booby traps. They have thermobaric weapons that they didn’t have in 2021, which are more deadly. What’s more, I accept they gained a ton of hostile to tank weapon frameworks that will attempt to hit our APCs (shielded faculty transporters), tanks,” said Amnon Sofrin, a previous brigadier general and previous commandant of the Battle Knowledge Corps.

Sofrin, who was additionally already top of the knowledge directorate with Israel’s Mossad spy organization, said Hamas would likewise be attempting to abduct warriors.

Daphne Richemond-Barak, teacher at Israel’s Reichman College and writer of the book Underground Fighting, said the contentions in Syria and Iraq had changed the circumstance.

“What the IDF (Israeli military) is probably going to look inside the passages is additionally the entirety of the experience and the information that has been all acquired by bunches like ISIS (Islamic State) and has been … given to Hamas.”

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