“Taking shots At Me…”: Israeli Trooper Sends Chilling Messages To Family Prior to Being Killed By Hamas

Corporal Naama Boni, a 19-year-old warrior serving in the 77th Force of the Defensively covered Corps, was at her post when an undeniable shock assault was pursued from the air, ocean and ground by Hamas bunch.
Large number of rockets were terminated from Gaza, leaving many bodies in the roads of urban communities and structures devastated.

Ms Boni was harmed during the assault and a Hamas shooter was surrounding her concealing spot, revealed the Israeli media source Ynet.

She some way or another tracked down an impermanent haven and messaged her loved ones. She expressed, “I profoundly care for every one of you. I have a head injury, and a fear monger close by could begin taking shots at me,” she messaged. “I’m right now with a harmed trooper from the Golani Unit, and there are no fortifications accessible.”

She sent one more update to her loved ones, “There is a fear monger here who will not disappear. I can hear somebody shouting, and there has all the earmarks of being a human setback,” she composed.

Ms Boni’s auntie told the news source that her niece was positioned at the entry to the base when the assault occurred.

“At around 7:30 a.m., she was all the while sending us messages about the fear mongers taking shots at her, after which she as of now not answered,” Ms Ilook told Ynet.

Her relatives endeavored to contact her, and they were subsequently informed that she was hospitalized at Brazilai Clinical Center, however nobody informed them about her condition.

“We frantically needed to accept she was as yet alive, however when the warnings official appeared at her folks’, we realized she just turned into a measurement,” Ms Ilook said.

Ms Boni was brought into the world in the city of Afula and enrolled in the Israeli armed force only seven months prior.

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