Thick fog covers Delhi as coldwave continues; nearly 50 flights, 30 trains affected

Delhi continues to experience bitter coldwave conditions, leading to thick fog, disrupting air and train travel. The temperature at Safdarjung was recorded at 4.8 degrees Celsius.

Coldwave conditions went on in Delhi as a thick layer of cover covered the public capital on Tuesday. As per the India Meteorological Division, the temperature in the public capital was recorded at 4.8 degrees Celsius, at Safdarjung, while in Palam, the temperature was 7.2 degrees Celsius.

The IMD likewise said 100 m perceivability was accounted for at 0700 hrs IST at Palam Air terminal, while it dropped to 00 m at 0730 hrs IST. At Safadrjung air terminal, the perceivability was 50 m at 0700 hrs and 0730 hrs IST, it said.

As the perceivability decreased, almost 30 flights leaving from Delhi were postponed, while 17 others were dropped, news organization ANI detailed, citing air terminal sources. Almost 30 trains were additionally showing up after the expected time in Delhi today.

In the interim, travelers at the Delhi Air terminal and railroad station were seen holding up as thick haze impacted the flight and train procedure on Tuesday.

As indicated by the India Meteorological Office, “Delhi Palam (VIDP) and Safdarjung Air terminals are detailing 500m visibilities at 0530 hrs IST today, the sixteenth of January.”

On Monday, the weather conditions division’s morning release said that thick to exceptionally thick haze would go on till tomorrow (Tuesday) in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Punjab. Moreover, cold to serious virus conditions were likewise estimated across North India till Tuesday.

January 15 likewise recorded the coldest morning this colder time of year as the base temperature decreased to 3.3°C at Safdarjung – the authority climate observatory of the public capital. In Lodhi Street, one more weather conditions observing station in Delhi, the base temperature was recorded at 3.1°C.

On Sunday, Delhi saw a base temperature of 3.5°C at Safdarjung and 3.4°C at Lodhi Street. The mercury has stayed under 4°C in Delhi since Friday as occupants shudder in gnawing cold.


As thick haze layered pieces of North India, three flights were dropped, while three others were postponed in Chandigarh. In the meantime, grade schools in the city have been requested to stay shut after January 20. In any case, schools for Classes 10, 11, and 12 will open after 9.30 am.

Following over-the-top virus conditions, the India Meteorological Division has given a high alert in pieces of Punjab and Haryana.

It likewise expressed cold to extreme virus conditions will keep on winning in certain pieces of the expressed states till January 16 (today).

On Monday, portions of the two states saw freezing temperatures in many spots.

Low Perceivability Across States

The India Meteorological Division additionally expressed Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh recorded no ability to see, while Satna recorded 50 mt.

“Madhya Pradesh: Gwalior-00, Satna-50; Assam: Tezpur-50, Guwahati-500; Tripura: Agartala-50; Andhra Pradesh: Vijayawada-50; West Bengal: Digha, Haldia-200 every, Precious stone Harbor, Kolkata/Alipore, Malda-500 every; Delhi: Safdarjung, Palam-500 each,” the IMD composed on X.

“Punjab: Patiala-25, Amritsar-200; Haryana and Chandigarh: Chandigarh-00, Ambala-25, Hissar-50; Uttar Pradesh: Varanasi-00, Bahraich-25, Lucknow, sultanpur-200 each, Bareilly, Jhansi, Gorakhpur-300 every; Bihar: Gaya-20, Patna,Bhagalpur-500 every; Northwest Rajasthan: Ganganagar-50,” it added.

“Air terminals permeability information shows the accompanying visibilities in thick to extremely thick mist conditions: Varanasi 00m; Agra 00m; Gwalior 00m; Jammu 00m; Pathankot 00m; Chandigarh 00m; Gaya 20m; Prayagraj 50m; Tejpur 50m; Agartala 100m; Vijaywada 100m; Bagdogra 100m,” the IMD tweeted.

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