US Man Grabs Lady Dozing Close To Him On Flight, Gets 2 Years In Prison

Los Angeles: A US man who grabbed a dozing traveler on a plane was imprisoned Thursday for almost two years.
Mohammad Jawad Ansari, 50, put his hand on the inward thigh of a lady as she rested in the center seat of a departure from Cleveland to Los Angeles in February 2020.
The person in question, who was wearing a dress, awakened and drove Ansari’s hand away prior to leaving her seat and telling lodge group about the attack, authorities said.

Ansari, who had prevented the charge from getting oppressive sexual contact, was tracked down liable following a four-day preliminary in May, the Division of Equity said.

Ansari’s “grabbing left (his casualty) stunned and apprehensive, and witnesses affirmed that she cried until the end of the flight,” an examiner told a court in Los Angeles.

On flights, the person in question “presently battles to nod off on the grounds that she is continually worried about ‘imagine a scenario where somebody contacts me.'”

US Region Judge Fernando Aenlle-Rocha imprisoned Ansari for quite a long time and requested him to pay more than $40,000.

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