US Naval force Mariner Concedes Accepting kickbacks, Offering Military Information To China

Washington: A U.S. Naval force mariner confessed on Tuesday to tolerating nearly$15,000 in pay-offs from a Chinese knowledge official in return for photos of unclassified confidential U.S. military data, as per court papers.
Trivial Official Wenheng “Thomas” Zhao, 26, conceded to scheme and getting a pay off, as per a supplication understanding recorded in government court in Los Angeles.

Zhao conceded sending his Chinese overseer plans for U.S. military practices in the Indo-Pacific district, functional orders and electrical outlines and plans for a radar framework on a U.S. army installation in Okinawa, Japan, as per court reports and U.S. authorities. He was captured in August.

Zhao, who worked at Maritime Base Ventura Province in California, has to carry out a limit of 20 years in jail on the charges, yet an appointed authority will decide his last sentence.

A legal counselor addressing Zhao didn’t quickly answer a solicitation for input.

U.S. Lawyer Martin Estrada of the Focal Locale of California said Zhao “double-crossed his nation and the people of the U.S. Naval force by taking kickbacks from an unfamiliar enemy.”

The US has blamed China for a broad mission of surveillance and cyberattacks, a charge that Beijing has dismissed.

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