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WhatsApp Down Globally After Technical Issues, Statement Posted on X

WhatsApp down

WhatsApp Down News: Global Power Outage of WhatsApp Caused Several Issues to Billions of People

WhatsApp was down yesterday night around 11.47 pm due to some technical issues. The issue continued till early morning on Thursday, 4th April 2024. A statement on X by WhatsApp stated that there were some technical issues, which is why the server was down. The outage was back again after some hours. Billions of people faced issues for 2 hours because the server was down.

Why was WhatsApp down Yesterday?

Due to technical errors, the WhatsApp and Instagram servers were down at midnight last night. The real reason has not yet been revealed, but WhatsApp posted a statement on X WhatsApp saying: “We know some people are experiencing issues right now; we’re working on getting things back to 100% for everyone as quickly as possible.” Several Meta users faced work or personal issues because of this power outage.

WhatsApp Down Globally

When users tried to log in to their WhatsApp in the browser, they could not, and it said that the service was down. Meta-owned WhatsApp and also Instagram were both down for several hours. Meta users of Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram experienced outages in India. Nearly 15,381 people reported Facebook outage and around 19,200 reported complaints about Instagram. Meta Director Andy Stone confirmed that the company is working on the issue. The exact reason about the outage is not confirmed yet but this has been an occurrence problem in this year.

Is WhatsApp down Today?

WhatsApp server was down on 3rd April at 11.47 pm but it continued for several hours after till early morning today i.e. Thursday 4th April. This has been the second time this year that Meta has faced such technical errors causing problems to the users. There is a very popular website called Down Detector which is used to note such errors on various apps and it reported that WhatsApp was down and caused billions of users to register complaint about the same.

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