Zelensky Blames Russia For Supporting Hamas Assault In Israel

Kyiv: Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday blamed Russia for supporting the Palestinian aggressor bunch Hamas in its contention against Israel.
“We are sure that Russia is supporting, somehow, Hamas tasks,” Zelensky said in a meeting with the France 2 TV slot.

“The ongoing emergency… gives testimony regarding the way that Russia truly is trying to complete undermining activities everywhere,” he added.

The Ukrainian chief additionally communicated his anxiety that the global local area was getting some distance from the conflict in Ukraine notwithstanding the “misfortune” that has occurred for Israel following the Hamas assaults.

“I don’t wish to make any correlations. There is a horrendous conflict happening in our country. In Israel, many individuals have lost their friends and family. These misfortunes are unique, yet both are tremendous,” he said.

Zelensky cautioned, in any case, that if “global consideration riks getting some distance from Ukraine, and that will have outcomes”.

“Ukraine’s fate relies upon the solidarity of the remainder of the world. World solidarity relies particularly upon the solidarity of the US,” said the Ukrainian chief.

With respect to proceeding with battle in Ukraine, Zelensky said that the counteroffensive sent off by his military in June trying to free the involved regions “is progressing forward with a few fronts, and in all cases, we are gaining ground”.

In any case, he added that the mission is “truly challenging”, quite on the grounds that Russia has constructed an exceptionally intricate organization of fortresses comprised of minefields, hostile to tank traps and channels.

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