“Absolutely Reject Her Cases”: Israel President Pummels Angelina Jolie For Remarks On Gaza War

Israeli President Isaac Herzog has pummeled Hollywood entertainer Angelina Jolie after her new comments on the Israel-Hamas War. Mr Herzog was in a meeting with Wharfs Morgan and expressed that he saw by and by what occurred on the primary day of the assaults and how it was the “most terrible barbarity as a country.” Ms Jolie had as of late posted about her enemy of Israel position on her web-based entertainment accounts. While alluding to her experience working with the Assembled Countries to help exiles, Ms Jolie expressed that her “emphasis is on individuals uprooted by savagery in any unique circumstance.”
She added, “What occurred in Israel is a demonstration of dread. However, that can’t legitimize the blameless lives lost in besieging a regular citizen populace in Gaza that has no place to go, no admittance to food or water, no chance of clearing, and not even the essential common freedom to cross a line to look for shelter.” She composed that Gaza was “quick turning into a mass grave” because of Israel’s airstrikes and that “the world watches” as “a great many Palestinian regular people – kids, ladies, and families – are by and large on the whole rebuffed” in a later post that incorporated a photograph that seemed to show a new Israeli strike in the Gaza Strip.

Responding to something similar, Mr Herzog in the meeting said that Ms Jolie has not visited Gaza and she isn’t offering Israelis any capacity to protect themselves by her comments. “I thoroughly reject her cases. I believe she’s never been in Gaza…. to visit and see current realities on the ground. In Gaza now there is war, however there is no compassionate emergency that doesn’t empower them to make due,” he said.

The Israeli President added, “Angelina Jolie doesn’t offer the Israeli nation any capacity to shield themselves by getting out whatever she’s truism. What’s more, Gaza is a prison not as a result of Israel. Israel pulled out of Gaza. Gaza is an Iranian base loaded up with dread. Maybe the result of this war will empower the Gazan nation who merit a respectable decent life to appreciate it under an alternate system that will empower development towards harmony. You’ll tell me, obviously, the regular folks are not to fault. Fine, in the event that the regular people are not to fault, then kindly empower Israel to remove these fear mongers.”

The President likewise remembered the morning of the October 7 assault by Hamas. He expressed that there were alarms all over and they hurried to covers. “It was 6:30 a.m. The quietness in the whole area was destroyed by enormous alarms and afterward blasts. We promptly acknowledged we were under a colossal rocket assault… also, the shock was colossal. We raced to the sanctuaries. Then, at that point, we began discovering the unending information about barbarities all through our southern line, about individuals being secured in covers and copied and enduring an onslaught. And the situation spun out of control. We’ve gone through the most terrible barbarity as a country since the foundation of the province of Israel. The most elevated measure of Jews killed since the Holocaust, around eight or multiple times, concerning 9/11, of our public extent of losses,” he told Wharfs Morgan.

In the mean time, Angelina Jolie’s dad, Jon Voight, likewise expressed that he was “disheartened” by his little girl’s comments. He said in a video posted on X, “I’m exceptionally frustrated that my girl, as so many, has no comprehension of God’s honor, God’s bits of insight. This is tied in with obliterating the historical backdrop of God’s territory – the Blessed Land – the place that is known for the Jews. This is equity for God’s offspring of the blessed land.” He proceeded, “The Israeli armed force should safeguard thy soil, thy individuals. This is war. It won’t be the’s thought process, it can’t be affable at this point.”

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