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F1 Legendary Designer Adrian Newey Set to Leave Red Bull Racing After Nearly Two Decades

Adrian Newey News: Red Bull aero wizard Adrian Newey will likely leave the Milton Keynes-based squad. Because of Newey’s important work, Red Bull won seven driver’s world championships and six teams’ titles, with Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen in the drivers’ seats. According to the German newspaper Auto Motor und Sport, Newey is about to leave. Milton Keynes fans are speculating about Newey’s future. Red Bull is going through a power struggle within the company, with groups backing team principal Christian Horner and groups led by advisor Helmut Marko. Allegations against Horner made things worse, hitting a peak at the start of the 2024 season, even though he had already been cleared. The drama around Horner and the way things work at Red Bull may have made Newey want to leave.

Adrian Newey Story

Red Bull is having a good time with Max Verstappen and the RB20, but this new development could hurt them. Verstappen stresses the importance of keeping the team’s key players, but it still needs to be clarified if he has other plans in case Newey leaves. The respected aero expert was recently seen in Bologna, which led to rumours that he might have ties to high-profile teams like Ferrari. There are rumours that Lawrence Stroll made him an excellent offer to join Aston Martin.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes’s team principal, has said that he would really like to have Christian Horner’s prized asset, which adds to the mystery. However, Newey’s 65-year-old future is still being determined because of his years of experience and the excellent working conditions at Red Bull. It’s unclear whether other job offers from companies like Aston Martin, Mercedes, or Ferrari would be as appealing as the one he has now.

If Newey decides to shift, his commitment level will be closely watched. Such a move would change things in Formula 1, and it would be tough for Red Bull, the track’s champion. F1 fans are looking forward to exciting times as they wait to see how this change in the sport’s dynamics plays out.

Insight into Legendary’s Career

Adrian Newey net worth

Being one of the most successful designer in Formula 1, Adrian Newey has built up quite a fortune over his long career. In 2023, his fortune was estimated at around 50 million dollars, equivalent to more than 45 million euros.

Adrian Newey salary

There are at present no official figures on Adrian Newey salary, however obviously Red Bull’s CTO isn’t shy of anything. As per The Guardian, Red Bull Racing was ready to pay the Brit 10 million bucks (around 9 million euros) yearly.

Adrian Newey Family

Adrian Newey age 65 was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England, on 26 December 1958, the son of Richard and Edwina Newey. Adrian Newey father was a veterinarian and his mother was an ambulance driver during the Second World War. He attended Repton public school alongside motoring journalist and writer Jeremy Clarkson.


Why is Newey leaving Red Bull?

Adrian Newey is a legend but due to some uncomfortable relations with his team, he is leaving Red Bull.

Is Adrian Newey moving to Ferrari?

Newey has recently been found to be heavily linked with a motion to Ferrari, with Hamilton, 39.

What F1 cars has Adrian Newey designed?

The Newey-designed Red Bull Racing RB19 is the most chief Formula One car in history of the race car generation, winning 21 out of the 22 races (95.45%) it contested in. Newey’s designs also bagged the winning 1985 and 1986 CART titles.

How much does Adrian Newey make?

After McLaren baulked at increasing his salary in contract renewal negotiations, Newey would be getting around $10 million a year at Red Bull Racing.


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