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First Pig Kidney Transplant Patient Dies at 62

The man who got the very first pig kidney transplant in March 2024 dies after two months of operation. Richard “Rick” Slayman, who was undergoing end-stage kidney disease, went through a transplant in March 2024 and died at the age of 62. He was also diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and Hypertension.

After the effective pig kidney transplant in March, the doctors said that Richard never again needed dialysis as the new organ was working great.

MGH said in a statement, “Mr Slayman will forever be seen as a beacon of hope to countless transplant patients worldwide and we are deeply grateful for his trust and willingness to advance the field of xenotransplantation.” Xenotransplantation is the process of transplanting living cells, organs or tissues from one species to another.

Richard’s case was the principal pig kidney transplant to humans and was viewed as a historic moment. In September 2021, a surgeon at NYU Langone Health attached a genetically modified pig kidney to a brain-dead human. It showed positive outcomes as the kidney started to work and make urine.

Pig Kidney Transplant Trials

The pig kidney transplant of Richard “Rick” Slayman raised the expectations of researchers. The early progress of the operation strengthened their trust in having more clinical trials for xenotransplant organs. They vision to have a future where xenotransplant will turn into a reality.

Furthermore, the transplant of Richard is not the first pig organ transplant. Before him, two patients had gone through the pig heart transplant; however, both medical procedures failed. They both passed on after a few weeks.


Who was the man who got a pig kidney transplant?

The principal human to get a genetically changed pig kidney transplant was Richard “Rick” Slayman. He died after two months of the operation in May.

Is pig kidney similar to human kidney?

The kidney of a pig is quite similar to a human kidney. In any case, they are many notable contrasts between them that makes it hard for a human body to accept it.

Did a surgeon attach a pig kidney to a human and it worked?

According to the reports, in September 2021, a New York surgeon at NYU Langone Health attached a genetically changed pig kidney to a brain-dead patient, and it started working.

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