Hamas’ Prisoner Video: Franco-Israeli Lady Stole From Music Fest

New Delhi: Hamas has delivered a video of an Israeli lady kidnapped during the October 7 goes after that left north of 1,300 dead and set off a conflict in Gaza. Around 200 individuals were supposedly abducted during the assaults.
Hamas’ tactical wing Izz promotion Noise al-Qassam Detachments yesterday delivered a video of a lady who recognized herself as 21-year-old Miya Schem. In the video, the lady’s arm is seen enclosed by gauzes.

In the video, she said she is from Sderot, a little Israeli city close to the Gaza line. Upon the arrival of the assaults, she was going to the Cosmic explosion Sukkot Live concert on Kibbutz Re’im when Hamas agents went after the get-together. Somewhere around 260 individuals at the music fest were killed and others, including Miya, were abducted.

The video, a little more than a brief, shows a medical services dressing Miya’s physical issue. The Israeli lady says she went through a three-hour medical procedure for her physical issue.

“They’re really focusing on me, they’re treating me, they’re giving me drug. All is well,” she says. “I’m just requesting to be gotten back as quickly as time permits, to my family, to my folks, to my kin. Kindly get us out of here as quickly as time permits.”

Israel Guard Powers have affirmed that Mia was snatched last week and said authorities have contacted Mia’s family and are in contact with them.

“In the video distributed by Hamas, they attempt to depict themselves as altruistic. In any case, they are a horrorific fear based oppressor association liable for the homicide and snatching of children, kids, men, ladies and the old (sic),” a post by IDF on X read.

“Right now, we are conveying all insight and functional measures for the arrival of all prisoners including Mia,” the IDF added.

Miya’s family has answered the clasp, saying they are glad to see her protected, as per a report in The Hours of Israel.

Miya is a double Israeli-French resident. Her family was among French families that pursued last week to France President Emmanuel Macron to assist with liberating their family members, news office Reuters announced.

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