Israel On “Shock” In Hamas Assault, Says Will “Answer Harshly”

Israeli Protection Powers today conceded that the extraordinary Hamas assault two days prior came as a total shock. In a video explanation, IDF’s Worldwide Representative Lt. Col. Richard Hecht said, “We were gone after with the joined hostile by Hamas. Unsuspecting. Also, not just the customary lines we have had with Hamas”.
“We will answer seriously to this,” he added.

The huge ground, air and ocean hostile by Hamas and its consequence have cleared out around 100 lives in Israel and Palestine. Reports said 600 Israelis have been killed and 1,000 injured.

Gaza authorities have said the Israel’s retaliatory air strikes on the waterfront territory had brought the Palestinian demise build up to something like 400, around 1,700 have been injured.

“We have been discussing Hamas for quite a long time. They need the destruction of our state. I think everyone experienced what they are yesterday,” Lt. Col. Hecht said.

“They went after us ashore air and ocean. They didn’t go for military targets. They went for regular citizens… grandmas, kids, children… the situation are developing. The numbers are uncommon,” he added.

“The size of the assault is brutal. As it were, this is our 9/11. This is against worldwide regulation, Islam. Harming kids – – difficult to grasp,” he said.

Israeli Head of the state Benjamin Netanyahu has said the Israeli military will utilize “all its power to annihilate Hamas’ abilities”.

“We will strike them as far as possible and retaliate for with force this dark day they welcomed on Israel and its kin,” he said, cautioning Palestinians living close to Hamas locales in Gaza to leave.

“I’m telling individuals of Gaza: leave now, since we’re going to act wherever with all our power,” he said.

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