Kim Jong Un Trade Letters With Putin, Wishes Triumph Over “Colonialists”

Seoul: North Korea pioneer Kim Jong Un traded letters with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, promising to propel their ties and wishing him triumph over what he called authority and tension from settlers, Pyongyang’s state media KCNA said.
The letters mark the 75th commemoration of two-sided relations, and came about a month after Kim’s uncommon outing to Russia during which he and Putin examined military participation, including over North Korea’s satellite program, and the conflict in Ukraine.

In his letter, Kim said he was very happy with their “real to life, extensive” conversations during the visit. He vowed to additionally foster relations to “another level” and wished Putin best of luck in opposing Western tension over Ukraine.

“I trust that the Russian public, who have embarked on a mission to fabricate major areas of strength for a, will continuously accomplish just triumph and brilliance in their battle to safeguard the nation’s sway, nobility, security and harmony by pounding the radicals’ constant domineering strategy and hostile to Russia plan to separate and smother it,” Kim said.

Putin, in his message to Kim, said their new gathering was more proof of creating ties.

“I’m persuaded that to carry out the arrangements will add to additionally growing the productive respective participation for further developing the prosperity of the people groups of the two nations and guaranteeing security and dependability in the Korean landmass and Upper east Asia overall,” he said.

Kim’s visit has stirred up U.S. worries that a resuscitated Moscow-Pyongyang hub could reinforce Russia’s military in Ukraine and give Kim rocket innovation restricted under U.N. goals.

Washington has blamed has denounced North Korea for giving weapons to Russia to its conflict in Ukraine, including ordnance shells, shoulder-discharged rockets and rockets.

Pyongyang and Moscow have denied any arms exchanges, however vowed to extend guard collaboration.

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