Youtuber ‘Angry Rantman’ dies at 27, shocking news for his fans

Angry Rantman News Update: Popular YouTuber Abhradeep Saha, aka ‘Angry Rantman’, dies at the age of 27. The real reason for the death have not been released yet considering the conditions his family is going through, but it has been speculated that the cause of death was some complications that occurred due to his surgery in the last two months. It had been said that there might have been some organ failure during the surgery, hence causing his sudden death.

He was popular due to his video content on sports, especially on football. His fans and family are in huge shock, and they still cannot believe his sudden demise.

Who was Angry Rantman?

Angry Rantman real name Abhradeep Saha was born on February 19, 1996. He was born in Kolkata and had amassed over 481k subscribers on YouTube and 119k followers on Instagram. Angry Rantman age 27 died due to some complications in his surgery and there might be some organ failure.

Angry Rantman Surgery

The influencer/youtuber was admitted to Narayana Hospital, where he went through a drastic open-heart surgery. However, he suffered from severe organ failure in his body, and hence he was kept on life support. Fans have been devastated by this news, and everyone is sending their condolences to the family. His fans and close family friends posted on social media regarding his success and remembered his videos. Fans made many edits to show their love and condolence for the latter. Everyone is shocked at his sudden demise. He had millions of fans across the country, and people used to follow his videos and contemplate his commentary on sports religiously. Football fans used to wait for his opinions after every match eagerly. If we talk about Angry Rantman networth it’s approximately a huge amount since his monthly income was 2 crore. Net worth of Angry Rantman is approximately $ 121K.


  1. Who is Angry Rantman? Why is he trending on social media?

Angry Rantman aka Abhradeep Saha is a popular Youtuber / Influencer who made videos on sports especially on football. He is currently trending on social media due to his sudden demise because of organ failure during his open-heart surgery.

  1. How angry rantman died?

Although the actual reason has not been disclosed yet it has been speculated that his sudden demise was caused due to organ failure from his open-heart surgery. He was on life support during his last days.


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