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5 Neon-Coloured Snack Ideas To Steal The Show At Any Party

Neon is not just any colour, it’s a vibe. Neon does not stop at just yellow and green, you can find it in every shade — pink, orange, blue and beyond. The neon trend is here to stay, and you can find it in fashion, architecture and even food. While it may be difficult to get your hands on neon-coloured foods, we are here with some fun neon-party snack ideas you can make at home and steal the show. These are fun-looking and super delicious. Try them out!

Here Are 5 Cool Neon Party Snack Ideas:

1. Neon Cupcakes

These are not just yummy to eat and pretty to look at, but also fun to make. All you need to do is place white fondant circles on top of your favourite cupcakes. Get some neon food colour pens and give these to the people at the party. Everyone can decorate their cupcake as per their liking and with their favourite neon colours.

2. Neon Cookies

To make neon cookies, all you need to do is add neon food colouring to your cookie dough, and you have fun-looking cookie dough ready. Separate the cookie dough into different bowls so that you can use a variety of food colours.

3. Neon Cake

If you have some baking and cake decorating skills, you can pull off this stunning neon cake. All you need to do is get your hands on neon mirror glaze and cover the cake with this pretty, colourful glaze. You can also get more than one neon colour to make a pretty pattern.

4. Neon Drinks

Add a neon factor to your party drinks and make them glow in the dark. Tonic water glows a bright blue under black lights when mixed with any clear alcohol. You can choose gin, vodka, white rum or coconut rum. If you add some cranberry juice, the glow will turn to purple.

5. Neon Brownies

This is an easy and fun neon snack. Get brownies from a store or bake them fresh at home. Take some vanilla frosting and divide it into three bowls. Add gel food colouring — pink, blue, and green (or any other colour of your choice) — and microwave for a few seconds. Drizzle the colourful frostings on top of the brownies and watch the neon magic unfold.

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