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Google Pixel 8a: All about the new released smartphone

After much waiting Google has launched its A-series phone in India. Pixel 8a is all ready to get delivered at your doorstep from May 14. Flipkart has started receiving pre-orders. Equipped with latest Google’s processor and AI – Gemini – the smartphone is offering premium features at the best price. Read further to know more about this latest release.

Google Pixel 8a price in India

Google pixel 8a release date is May 14 but you can pre-order it at Flipkart. Google Pixel 8a will be sold in two variants in India. The 128GB variant is priced at Rs 52,999, whereas 256GB costs Rs 59,999. Also, on pre-orders you can get offers such as Pixel Buds A-series at Rs 999 and cashbacks.

Google Pixel 8a specs

If we look at the Google Pixel 8a specs, they are definitely not disappointing. It features a 6.1 inch Full HD+ OLED HDR display with 120Hz refresh rate, a brightness of 2,000 nits and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The phone supports Google’s own Tensor G3 chipset with LPDDR5X RAM up to 8GB and up to 256 GB of UFS 3.1 storage. The company has said to provide OS updates and security patches for 7 years. Additionally, it comes with Gemini, Google’s in-built AI assistant.

Google Pixel 8a review

The Google Pixel 8a is yet to get sale from May 14 but is available for pre-orders on Flipkart. The newly launched smartphone does not have much reviews yet, however, the premium AI feature if grabbing the attention. It comes with some of the AI features that are available in Pixel 8 and 8 pro.

 Pixel 8a vs 7a

Comparing the specs of a new phone is a wise decision before jumping to buy it. Below look at the major differences between Pixel 8a vs 7a.

Pixel 8a gives a 6.1 inch Full HD+ OLED HDR display with 120Hz refresh rate, and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. It has new Actua display, which is brighter than 7a, and comes with Gemini, Google’s in-built AI assistant. The smartphone carries Google’s own Tensor G3 chipset with LPDDR5X RAM up to 8GB and up to 256 GB of UFS 3.1 storage. Google has announced to provide OS updates and security patches for 7 years.

The 7a screen is 6.1-inch OLED (2400 x 1080) and has the refresh rate of 90Hz. It comes with the tensor G2 processor, and has the RAM and storage of 8GB and 128 GB respectively. The back camera is 64MP main (f/1.89), 13MP ultrawide (f/2.2) and front camera is 13MP (f/2.2). Furthermore, it has a battery of 4,385 mAh.

Google Pixel 7a vs 8 pro

The google has recently launched the Pixel 8a in India, which will go on sale on May 14. However, Pixel 7a and 8 pro cannot be ignored. These smartphones are offering features that are neck-to-neck with premium brands such as Samsung and Apple.

Google does not give much changes in terms of design. For the answer of Google Pixel 7a vs 8 pro the most considerable factor is their price. As 8 pro is the top range phone and 7a is on the lower side.

Let’s start with the 7a features to know its specifications. The screen size of the 7a is 6.1-inch OLED (2400 x 1080) with the refresh rate of 90Hz. It supports the tensor G2 processor, and has the RAM and storage of 8GB and 128 GB respectively. The rear camera is 64MP main (f/1.89), 13MP ultrawide (f/2.2) and front camera is 13MP (f/2.2). It has a battery of 4,385 mAh and is available in three colours- Charcoal, Sea, Snow.

While on the other hand, Pixel 8 pro has a screen size of 6.7-inch LTPO OLED (2992×1344) with the refresh rate of 120Hz. The processor is Tensor G3, and has Ram of 12GB. It comes with four storage variants of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB. The rear and front camera details are 50MP main (f/1.68), 48MP ultrawide (f/1.95), 48MP telephoto (f/2.8) with 5x optical zoom and 10.5MP (f//2.2) respectively. It comes in three colour choices – Obsidian, Porcelain, Bay – with the battery of 5,050 mAh.


 Is google pixel 8a released? 

Yes, the Google Pixel 8a from the A-series phone is launched in India. The smartphone is powered by the Goggle Tensor G3 chip and has Titan M2 security chip.

How much will the google pixel 8a cost?

Google Pixel 8a is available for pre-order on Flipkart and will be on sale from May 14. It is available in two variants that is 128GB and 256GB having the price of Rs 52,999 and Rs 59,999 respectively.

Is google pixel 8a worth buying?

Google Pixel 8a comes with a premium feature of AI in India which are available in Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. It has Goggle Tensor G3 chip and will receive seven years of software upgrades.

 Is the Pixel 7a better than the 8?

The Pixel 8 is equipped with many features which might not be available in Pixel 7a. In terms of battery, brightness, camera and processor Pixel 8 is far much better than Pixel 7a.

 What is the difference between 7a and 8 pro? 

Pixel 7a and Pixel 8 pro are different in every aspect. From processor to storage and cameras to battery, 8 pro is better than 7a.


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